Digital Experiences, Built for People.

We design interfaces and user experiences that are shaped by understanding how, where and why people use them. With this, we develop products and services that are more intuitive digital experiences. Let's build something together.

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UX Design

User experience is about developing products that are both usable and user-centric. It aims to attract people to a site they are interested in. Then, once they are there, making the journey from the homepage to purchasing products as easy and as fun as possible.

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UI Design

Beyond a website’s good looks, the interface is what people interact with and ultimately fall in love with. User Interface visually communicates the path laid out by the user experience design. UI design is responsible for creating a cohesive style and design language that’s applied to the whole product.

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We develop websites, web apps and applications that surpass expectations. Creating products that are easy to use and leave a lasting impression. With a focus on designing products for people, we make sure that everything we design is expertly developed, producing a lasting product that just works.

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Strategic Design

We start by understanding your needs and strengths to help you make the right product decisions when it comes to digital. Making sure that you are investing in a product that works perfectly and get results. We work with you from the start and integrate into your business seamlessly to enhance your online presence.

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Launch Strategy

We review your current digital structure and layout a considered plan ensuring that you have a smooth and easy launch. We can advise on hosting, security, maintenance, and which digital channels are right for the audience you are looking to attract.

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Brief Creation

We have vast experience in preparing and writing creative briefs. No need to be embarrassed about not understanding technical jargon or worrying you've made the wrong choices. If you need a brief to outline your project we can develop a robust brief for you. A good brief covers anything and everything you may need, ensuring a smooth start to your project.


We can do that

We work with businesses where user experience online is a critical part of how they interact with their customers.

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  • iOS
  • Android
  • Progressive Web Apps
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  • E-commerce
  • Booking systems
  • Membership & Subscription
  • Dashboards
  • Information Capture
  • Digital Applications
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Brand Strategy

  • Product Launches
  • Brand Awareness
  • Strategy
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  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Graphics
  • Copy


We did that

Some of our most recent projects.


Nice Words

Clients and what they think.

“Spectre has been instrumental in cultivating a strong brand identity for Scotland’s Enterprising Schools.”

Heather Hughes | Head of Programme | Scotland’s Enterprising Schools

“Web design is complicated, and I had a number of conversations with people who were going to help, to no avail. Spectre has made the process building of our website a positive, creative and professional experience.”

John Bowles | Director | Live Theatre UK

“A joy to work with – great service/great innovation and great at inspiring the next generation- all round good guys!”

Geoff Leask | Chief Executive | Young Enterprise Scotland


Thoughts from beyond the digital wall.

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