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Site and Product architecture

To give your website every chance of success we know that the structure of content and products is key to delivering a smooth and successful customer experience. Emphasising easy to understand structures that promote search and help your business grow.

User Experience Design (UX)

User Experience design is the process of understanding your customers and how they interact with your store. Understanding user journeys and reducing the amount of clicks to the information they are looking for and to making a purchase. User Experience design puts your business and products a step ahead of your competitors by presenting your products in a way that your customers understand.

User Interface Design (UI)

User Interface design is more than just colours, typography and imagery, it is the act of providing your store with a feeling of warmth and vision that puts your customers at the center of their shopping experience. Our team researches and spends every day working with the User Interface of eCommerce websites to understand new visual trends to make the shopping experience for your customers the best it can be.

Style Guides

Making sure your customers experience a consistent across all of your websites by helping your teams understand and work with the brand presence we help you shape online. Your customer expects your brand to be consistent across your whole site and we help you achieve that by providing detailed and useful style guides for your website’s ongoing content and design plans.

Mobile First

Mobile accounts for over 50% of all traffic to websites which is why we put it at the forefront of our design process. We know that customers expect the same stelar shopping experience on their mobile device along with fast speeds and an easy to use interface. Mobile is quickly becoming the battleground for eCommerce stores as new generations of shoppers become more confident buying online. We put your business ahead of the competition.

Designed to Sell

‘How does this encourage the customer to buy’. This is the first question we ask when designing an eCommerce website. Our designs are selling focused to drive sales and enhance your customer experience. While the importance of design is not lost on us we know that the priority is to provide your customers with a great experience so that they make a purchase. We never lose sight of this to ensure store success.

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