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Our Process

How we deliver our projects

Our process is the core reason we can deliver projects on time and on budget.


Get in Touch

The first stage of any project is for you to get in touch. If you are looking to launch a new website, online service, application or simply refresh your existing online presence, get in touch, we will be happy to help.


Discovery meeting

A successful website starts with a good understanding of its fundamental purpose, features, and desired outcomes. In our initial discussion, we set out to discover your objectives, understand your product/service, define your customers, find out more about you and what drives your business.


Project Specification

A project specification is a plan of how the components of your new website or application will function. This is a list of all the expected components and elements that are needed for delivery. Making the objectives clear to both your team and ours.



We take the project specification and break this up into clear components that map out the important elements of your project. A component is, in essence, a feature of your new digital product. For example, a component could be a blog, a shopping cart or membership service.


Prioritise Components

We work together with you to prioritise the list of component in order of strategic importance to your business goals. We take into account the technical requirements for delivery and match that with the components that hold the most importance to the success of your project.


User Experience (UX)

User experience is one of the core aspects of developing an online product. UX goes to answering the question of how your customers will interact with the website by planning what information will be presented to users across different sections of the website. Using information gathered from research and experience we create a structure and journey for the user that will lead them to the products/service they are looking to find.


User Interface (Design)

We start all interface design processes with simple wireframes that help you visualize the layout and position of content and information on the site. Through iteration, we optimise the design quality and effectiveness. We then finalise this with a high fidelity design that is usable and testable by real people. This helps ensure we have a design that is both beautiful and intuitive to the end user.


Component Development Cycle

We develop your website on a valuable component basis. This means that we work through the prioritised component list, feature by feature, developing, testing and releasing.This provides you with a website that is ready to use quicker and more effectively than ever before. Once you have a website that you are happy meets the needs of both your business and customers you can stop the development process at any time with the components that have been delivered. This flexibility provides you with a website that is developed in a way that cuts unnecessary elements and still meets your businesses needs.



Once the project is ready for launch we can provide support, maintenance, and training to staff and stakeholders to ensure your new website is fully understood and can be utilised to its fullest extent. The launch is a critical stage for any software so we make sure that everything that needs to be in place is set up for a seamless integration into your business.

Working with us

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Our process delivers exceptional results.

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Scrum Project Management

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