eCommerce Agency Glasgow

About Spectre Creative

Our goal is to dramatically improve the experience people have when using eCommerce websites, digital products and systems that drive sales.

We are a people-focused business that works to deliver digital products that speak to the end-user and enhance every purchase, application or booking that’s made.

We believe that the experiences of people can be fundamentally improved with an eCommerce website or digital system that has been designed to meet the users needs.

We work with our clients to truly understand what they do and how they do it to develop an eCommerce website or product that meets the needs of their teams and customers.

Founded in 2014, we have worked with a diverse group of partners to deliver impactful eCommerce websites and products that improve the way they do business, interact with customers and drive sales.

Our Team

Matthew Collins


Nana Hughes Lartey


John Sneddon

Lead Developer

Joanne Ross

Lead Designer

Our Values


We are sticklers for performance. Everything we do is improved and analysed at every junction to make sure that we are producing the highest quality.

We love delivering the highest level of design, development, and service.


We never make assumptions. To ensure that we are making thoughtful decisions and providing the best possible outcomes we start with what we know to be true and reason up from there.

Challenging techniques to remove barriers and improve the experience for the end-user.


We see our success as creating success for you. With so much complexity and jargon regarding development and eCommerce. We aim to communicate with clarity and with confidence.

Not everything always goes right, and we value remaining transparent and open.

Always improving

We want to get better, get better for ourselves and get better for our partners. We are always looking for the next technology that will improve the lives and experiences of people using websites and digital products.

We know that to be the best we need to keep ahead of the curve and provide the best solutions for our customers and theirs.