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In today’s world, everything has to be fast and efficient. This is why Headless website development is becoming the new norm when it comes to developing websites that must have excellent performance and SEO. Shopify’s latest acquisition of an open-source project called Remix has caught everyone’s attention.


New Shopify evolution – Remix. Its a new open-source web framework that allows developers to easily create lightning fast and resiliet user experiences on the web. #shopify #ecommercetips #shopifynews

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Shopify had initially built their own Headless framework called Hydrogen, but soon began to run into some problems related to React server components.

A number of challenges arose which created performance issues and bottlenecks. This may be why Shopify decided to acquire Remix.

Remix is a free, React based framework that allows developers to build Headless websites quickly. Remix is different from other Headless frameworks because its server-side renders at the route level and not the component level.

Here are just three things that could make you consider using remix for your next project:

1. The React code is compiled in the server and a complete HTML file is sent to the user, including links. This improves SEO results and the overall user experience.

2. API requests can be processed on the server and only relevant data is sent to the end user. This is especially useful for users with slower internet as they no longer have to send requests to your API endpoint, once the page has loaded.

3. The project layout was very simple. For example, creating a new route has never been easier. You simply create files that represent the route in the /routes directory.

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