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Linians mission is to create innovative, UK-manufactured, easy-to-install products that can save time, money and lives. Linian needed a website to allow their customers to quickly discover and buy their products online. This was their first step into the world of eCommerce and they needed a partner to help them achieve their targets and deliver a quality shopping experience, much like their products do.

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Project Description

This was Linians first step into selling their products directly to customers. We worked closely with them to understand their customers’ journey and their business needs to choose the right eCommerce platform. We laid out the customer experience that was in line with the expectation already set by their stellar product range. We also worked with them to understand and integrate existing business processes and systems.

The website had to work as both a sales tool for their product range but also act as an information portal for potential customers and distributors. It was important that we got the balance between this right and that both customer types were served by the store.

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Project Outcomes

The store launched to great success.
Our team and the Linian team could not have been more proud of the store we released. The response from customers has been stellar and sales have been extremely encouraging.

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Going Forward

We continue to work with Linian to improve their store offering and customer experience based on the data we gather from marketing and sales analytics provided by the site. We are excited to watch this incredible company grow from strength to strength in partnership with our team.