Digital Transformation


Creating an Online Presence for Award Winning Civil Engineer Firm

Designing and developing a website for Woolgar Hunter to create an online image that matches the reputation of their engineering work. 





Create a strong online presence for Woolgar Hunter that reflects their reputation in the engineering industry

Increase online visibility and generate enquiries via the website

Increase Woolgar Hunters brand presence online 

Increase Woolgar Hunters SEO ranking on Google 

Develop a website to showcase Woolgar Hunters previous and new work to potential clients

Generate web traffic to the website

Support digital transformation within the business

Develop a website that is fully responsive for mobile and tablet users  

Product Description


Woolgar Hunter is an award-winning engineering consultancy based in Glasgow. Having worked on recognisable architecture around the UK they came to us with the need for their online image to match the reputation of their engineering work.

We designed Woolgar Hunter’s website to reflect the companies position as an authority within the engineering consulting sector. We worked with their internal designer who helped articulate service icons which compliment the strong Woolgar Hunter brand.

Digital Transformation


Woolgar Hunter are an award winning civil engineer with a good reputation in their industry for the work they do. They needed an online presence that would reflect their status in the industry, as this is something they didn’t previously have or maintain. We designed and developed a website for Woolgar Hunter to fill this gap. We designed the website to be clean and simple with a minimal design that carried their well known brand online, reflecting the high end, high quality service they offer. The website tells potential clients they are industry leaders by using a modern design throughout the site that is used to showcase all of the amazing projects they have previously worked on.   


The website allows Woolgar Hunter to post case studies of their previous work and projects they have worked on, which they couldn’t have done before without a website. This would have led to potential clients having no idea what type of work they can do, what they have experience in and the quality of work they produce. The website allows potential clients of Woolgar Hunter to have a full understanding of the services they offer, who they have worked with in the past and the work they are capable of doing, making them more likely to make an inquiry and start a project with them. Previously, potential clients may not have known Woolgar Hunter existed without a website giving them an online presence that is truly reflective of the company.  


The website has created Woolgar Hunter an online presence that has taken their business, brand and potential clientele online, which could not have been done without a website.  

Digital Product Requirements

File Sharing

The Woolgar Hunter site includes a cloud sharinging platform that allows team members to share large files that are unable to be shared via email. 


The website is fully responsive which is a key requirement to ensure all potential clients can access the site on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


Ensuring that the data stored within the database is private and secure and not accessible by any parties outside of the Woolgar Hunter team or those with pre-defined access.


The Woolgar Hunter website is fully editable, allowing admins to upload new case study posts and issues of the Layout magazine.


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