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Developing Paper Guidelines into an Online Learning Experience

Taking a Glasgow University research paper and transforming it into an online tool that helps organisations better handle and understand how to proceed with complaints about employees. 




Increase awareness of the ‘Being Complained About’ guidelines 

Make the guidelines easily accessible online

Create an engaging experience that is easy to follow

Providing support to those who need it

Upgrade guidelines from document based to an online platform that supports digital transformation

Develop an online quiz to help users identify the support they need 

Improve staff members performance at work 

Project Description

The Being Complained About – Good Practice Guidelines is a document which aims to improve the way in which organisations handle complaints by focusing on supporting staff members who have been complained about. It provides some principles and guidelines which an organisation may wish to adopt as part of their existing complaint handling arrangements. The document is based on research evidence and has been developed in consultation with practitioners.

Being Complained About focuses on supporting staff members that have received complaints and how they can overcome and learn from the experience. Often complaints can leave negative effects on staff members such as stress, anxiety and a lack of confidence, which in turn will affect both the staff members day to day performance and the overall organisations performance.  

We have designed and developed an interactive online learning experience and quiz for the Being Complained About guideline document to make the information easily accessible for staff members who have been complained about and organisations who want to implement the guidelines in the workplace. 

Digital Transformation

Previously, the ‘Being Complained About’ good practice guidelines was a document based PDF that was available to download online. The document wasn’t well known about by organisations and employees, and even harder to find online (unless you knew what you were looking for). TCR wanted to reshape this content so that it would be used widely by organisations and those who will benefit from the guidelines. 

We have developed the contents of the PDF document into an interactive online learning experience. This has completely changed the user experience and how the user finds and interacts with the guidelines. The guidelines have been designed and developed in a way that makes it easy to navigate and find information that is relevant to your situation. The new system eliminates the user searching through a printed or on screen document and can now move between each section of the guidelines in a few simple clicks using the navigation bars. Digitalising the guidelines will save time and will be an overall less frustrating experience for the user as it has been made as easy and enjoyable as possible.   

The Being Complained About guidelines includes an ‘Action Relating to Complaint’ quiz that has also been updated to digital. The online quiz is now interactive which makes it easier to follow and understand by the user. As the quiz is now digital, call to actions can now be used at the end of the quiz that will take the user directly to the Being Complained About online learning experience or to the contact page. This will keep the user engaged on the site for longer after they have completed the quiz, which might not have been the case when the quiz was paper based as it would be easier to lose interest. 

Interactive Experience

Updating the Being Complained About guidelines into an online learning platform has resulted in a much more interactive experience for the user overall. The information being presented in a digital format will help to keep the users engaged and actually read the information that is available to them to benefit from it and put it into good practice in the workplace. Whereas, users previously reading the paper document or online PDF would most likely get bored or put off by the mass amount of information put in front of them at once and not continue to read any further – resulting in staff members who have been complained about not gaining the information and support they need to progress and leading to continued bad performance at work.

We are all digital savvy so learning about a serious matter like this in a digital format will be that bit more appealing to staff who need the support and guidance. They will be able to interact, engage and learn with this online platform in a way that just isn’t possible with a standard document. 

Online Quiz

Previously, the Being Complained About: Action Relating to Complaint quiz was included in the guideline PDF document and was difficult to follow. The design and layout of the quiz was unclear, confusing to the reader and wasn’t engaging. We have designed and developed the quiz into an online experience that is interactive and enjoyable for the user. 

The user now simply clicks through the questions and is taken to the next stage automatically without any confusion. Streamlining this experience will keep the user engaged on the site for longer and potentially generate more leads by using call to actions at the end of the quiz that will take the user to the guidelines for more information, or the contact page to get in touch. 

Digital Requirements


The TCR site is editable with admins being able to upload new case study, blog and research content. In the future, the platform will be used to showcase more pieces of research like Being Complained About. 

Fully Responsive 

The website and learning experience is fully responsive which is a key requirement for the guidelines to be accessed via all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


Ensuring that the data stored within the database is private and secure and not accessible by any parties outside of the TCR team or those with pre-defined access.