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Helping Athletes with College Applications for Sport Scholarships.

Creating a website for the launch of Sports Solutions USA who help talented soccer players apply for a sports scholarship at a United States college.





Increase awareness of Sports Solutions USA by creating an online presence

Support the launch of Sports Solutions USA

Provide athletes with information about Sports Solutions and the application process

Encourage athletes to apply to the Sports Solutions scholarship programme 

Inform athletes of the support they will receive from SSUSA during the entire application process

Allow athletes to contact Sports Solutions via the website

Develop a website where Sports Solutions can share success stories that will encourage more athletes to apply

Increase the sites SEO and drive traffic to the site

Develop a website that is fully responsive for mobile and tablet users

Project Description


Sports Solutions USA is an agency that works with talented soccer players to help them find the right college and scholarship for them. All players will be assessed and evaluated by Sports Solutions as part of the process before they sit an SAT exam and apply to colleges to assess whether the athlete’s ability is of the standard required to compete at the collegiate level.

All players are added to Sports Solutions online player directory which allows coaches from all colleges to view their athlete profiles. Their profiles include scouting reports from previous soccer matches and training sessions, and video footage of the player during matches and training to showcase the athlete’s talent to their dream colleges.

We have designed and developed a website that will allow Sports Solutions USA to help talented soccer players apply for a sports scholarship at a United States college, and help the athletes turn their dream into a life changing reality.

Online Presence


Sports Solutions USA is a start up business that needed a website to help them get the ball rolling and gain their first applicants. We designed and developed Sports Solutions a website that has created them a modern and engaging online presence and an overall enjoyable experience for all potential clients visiting their site. The website carries their brand online which is used consistently throughout the site. This is key when building an online presence as it ensures you continue to be recognisable to all existing and potential clients who have just discovered your business for the first time online via the site. The website explains Sports Solutions USA by providing some background information and explaining in good detail the process each player will go through when applying to Sports Solutions with hope of achieving a sports scholarship in the United States. Providing a lot of in detail information on the site will build them a strong online presence as this comes across as being transparent and honest with your audience with no strings attached. 

Player Directory


We have included a player directory on the Sports Solutions site. Each player’s profile will be presented online which allows easy access for colleges and coaches who want to know more information about the talented players who have applied for a scholarship. The player directory was developed using a WordPress content management system that will allow Sports Solutions to add new player profiles to the site everytime a new athlete applies. The player directory will also act as a way of encouraging new athletes to apply to Sports Solutions as they will be able to see the amazing talent that Sports Solutions are currently representing and will immediately want to get involved. Alternatively, if a potential player see’s they offer skills that current players don’t have, they will be more likely to apply as they know they’ll have an advantage over other players and stand out to coaches during assessment.

Digital Product Requirements


We used a CMS (Content Management System) to develop the site which allows Sports Solutions USA to easily schedule and publish new content and player profiles onto the website. 


Ensuring that the data stored within the database is private and secure and not accessible by any parties outside of Sports Solutions USA or those with pre-defined access.


The website is fully responsive which is a key requirement to ensure all clients and potential clients can access the site on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


The Sports Solutions USA site is fully editable, allowing admins to post new blogs and player profiles onto the website. 


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