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Multilingual Student Application Site for Opera Studio in Florence

Mascarade Opera Studio is a new opera studio based in Florence, Italy. Featuring the world’s renowned opera trainers and based in Florence’s most historic buildings the studio has a lot going for it. The new opera studio requires a new website to promote the organisation and to allow their students the convenience of applying online.





Promote the new Opera Studio

Develop and Integrate a robust Application System

Design an exiting and animated User Interface

Present the website in English, Italian and German

Enable team members to post blogs and create events easily

Understanding the Student


For the website to be  successful we had to understand the questions and decisions the students would require answered for them to go forward with an application. To help us carry out this function we carried out a wide range of research to better understand how to present this  information on the new website. The information had to flow in an organic way that assisted potential students to glean a true understanding of the institution they would be joining.

Making it Easy


It was necessary for the access and application of the website to be uncomplicated for the student user and even more so for the staff who would ultimately manage it. One of our main objectives was to create an application system that would not be ‘of putting’ for students to progress easily through the application process. We understood  that the daunting prospect some potential students might feel by the sheer volume of input information required in the application process we approached the part with simplicity in mind. 

Also, and equally important, was for the staff user to be able to comfortably access the  application and process within the WordPress Admin area. We wanted to make it as uncomplicated and user friendly as possible with easy  accessibility therefore allowing confident users.

Multiple Languages


As Mascarade Opera Studio is an international organisation the site required to be multilingual, in English, Italian and German.   It was beneficial for international students that when they logged into the site that their language would automatically display in their language. This facility would have to cover the whole site, ie the application, application emails and news / emails.

Digital Product Requirements


Ensuring that the data stored within the database is private and secure and not accessible by any parties outside of the Mascarade team or those with pre-defined access.


The system will grow as the Mascarade team expands as the system as was built with scalability in mind which will allow for future growth and also for any new added components.

Fully Responsive

The entire system is fully responsive and works on all devices regardless of screen size.  From mobile to desktop the same consistent, considered user experience is provided.


We provided our client with video and documentation training along with in-person training to ensure we covered all their members of staff ensuring they were both informed and comfortable with the new system prior to launch. The documentation has proved a particularly useful aid to the team when engaging with new team members.


At present the website supports English, German and Italian but is fully capable of adding further languages as required by Mascarade grows as an organisation.  This can be achieved by Mascarade without the assistance of a developer.


The whole website, including the application form, is fully editable by Mascarade allowing them to change content as required. 


Key Stats

2000 applications in the first week

Thousands of weekly visitors

Branding collaboration with 0427

Scalable application system for busy periods

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