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Expand your Professional Network with JCI.

Designing and developing a new website for JCI (Junior Chamber International) to encourage new members to join the global network to develop both personal and professional skills.





Upgrade JCI’s current website to attract new members

Create a strong online presence for JCI

Encourage new members to join the JCI network

Increase attendance rates at JCI events

Provide a more enjoyable experience for users visiting the website

Increase SEO and web traffic to the JCI site

Inform potential members about the organisation

Inform people about JCI membership benefits

Develop a website that is fully responsive for mobile and tablet users

Project Description


JCI (Junior Chamber International) is a global network of active young people from across the globe. JCI provides its members with training and leadership opportunities, networking, social events and projects in their local community, and the chance to develop themselves both professionally and personally.

JCI approached us to redesign and develop their extremely outdated website. The website needed to be engaging to bring new members into the organisation. Given the age range of members, it was important that the site was fully mobile responsive and easy to use. It was also important that the site was helpful to existing members and a pleasure to interact with for people who would return again and again to discover new social events happening across Scotland.

Event Management


JCI Scotland is a membership network that supports young people to engage with like minded individuals and grow their business network. JCI Scotland needed a new website that would help its members better interact with the organisation’s events and bustling social calendar across the whole of Scotland. 

We designed and developed a website that allows JCI to post about all new and upcoming events that have been organised by JCI. This will help to inform all JCI Scotland members and potential members about events by posting about them online, and including all of the key information and where members are able to sign up or purchase a ticket for the event. Posting about their events online will make more people aware of the events, increasing attendees at each event and even encouraging more people to sign up and become a JCI member as a result of finding the events online. Posting upcoming events and news on their website will also improve the sites overall SEO and ranking on Google from using keywords and linking.

Joining JCI


Previously, to become a member of JCI Scotland, the user would have to contact the organisation via email. The user wasn’t able to sign up online automatically via their website. JCI wanted to integrate this process into their website to make it easier for users to sign up to a membership online.

We have added a ‘Join Now’ feature to the website that directs the user to an online portal where they are able to sign up to JCI Scotland almost instantly. They can choose from three membership options that vary in price and membership benefits. Memberships can now also be renewed online, where previously they could not.

Digital Product Requirements


Ensuring that the data stored within the database is private and secure and not accessible by any parties outside of the JCI Scotland team or those with pre-defined access.


The website is fully responsive which is a key requirement to ensure all members and potential members can access the site on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


The JCI Scotland website is fully editable, allowing admins to post new projects, events and blogs onto the site.

Digital Transformation

The new JCI Scotland website is an upgrade of their previous website that was extremely outdated. The new site includes updated features such as posting upcoming events and allowing users to sign up to a JCI membership.

CMS (Content Management System)

The site is built using WordPress which allows JCI admins to publish recent news and upcoming events onto the site. 

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