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A Digital Job Tracking App that Logs Repairs and Inventory

Creating a Digital System that Tracks Repairs and Inventory to Provide a greater Insight for Staff and Customers at Harkness Premier Jewellers


Remove paper ledger

Automate business processes

Track repair process in-store

Improve overall efficiency

Provide customers with better insights

Improve team experience

Project Description

Harkness Premier Jewellers are a Jewellery repair store situated in the heart of Glasgow. The store is owned and run by the award-winning jeweller Stuart Harkness. They repair and provide jewellery to some of the largest jewellers across the UK.

With such a large range of customers, Harkness Premier Jewellers needed a way to track the repairs coming into their store and wherein the process the jewellery is. A system was requested to reduce the daily administrative workload and improve the repair response enquiries from their stores. 

Taking a Human-Centred Approach


We spent time in the Harkness workshop to understand their process, working in every department. Understanding their administrative process and their repairs system in their workshop. Understanding their process allowed us to design a system that accurately reflected the needs of the team and the business. Spending time working with the team at Harkness ensures that we understood the needs of the people who would ultimately be the ‘user’ of the system.

Testing the System 

In creating an interactive prototype allowed the team at Harkness to harness user experience before we went into development. This allowed us to understand how efficiently the users would interact with the system prior to implementation. With this interaction, we were able to remove potential user difficulties from the system and streamline the process to allow us to develop the best possible experience for their users. 

Thinking Outside the Box


It was important that the system reduced the amount of time spent sourcing customer records from stores enquiries. The advanced search built into our system made this process much more efficient but we thought we could do better!   So we developed a ‘store portal’ that allowed stores to search customer records thus removing the need for stores to call the workshop for a progress update.

Accessing Information Anywhere


The new system was developed as a ‘cloud’ system allowing information from the workshop to be accessed anywhere in the world from any device. This allowed team leaders to access the progress of their items in the workshop at any time from any location. This facility removed the need for team leaders and managers to be located in the workshop and freed up their time. This was also important as during our on location observations we realised that team members were rarely situated at a desk and mobility was key for most. 



Tracking of repairs within the workshop had to be easy while at the same time providing additional functionality to improve the experience of staff. We introduced a traffic light system to show the repair status, a dashboard providing an overview of all repairs and alert systems to indicate when items become overdue or need attention. This greatly improved the day to day experience for the team at Harkness.

Digital Product Requirements


Ensuring that the data stored within the database is secure and not accessible by anyone outside of the Harkness team or those with pre-defined access. 


As the Harkness team grows so will the system as the system was built with scalability in mind to allow for future growth and for new components to be added. 


The system is built as a web application and sits on an AWS server to ensure system stability and scalability. Being a web app allows for it to be accessed from any location at any time.  

Fully Responsive

The whole system is fully responsive and works on any device regardless of screen size. From mobile to desktop the same consistent, considered user experience is provided. 


We provided video and documentation training to Harkness along with in-person training to ensure all members of staff were informed and comfortable with the new system prior to launch. The documentation has proved a useful aid to the team when bringing on new team members.

Key Stats

Reduced administrative time by 50%

Improved team satisfaction

System access provided to 100+ external jewellery stores

Provided cleared overview for managers

Improved response time to customers by 75%