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Giving GCILS a Platform to Publish their Work, Research and News

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To create an online platform for GCILS

Increase online awareness of the Glasgow Centre of International Law and Security

Develop a consistent brand that GCILS can use across all online and offline platforms 

Increase SEO and traffic to the website

Make people aware of GCILS events and increase attendance 

Develop a platform for GCILS to publish all of their work including research and news

Provide training to the Glasgow Centre of International Law and Security team

Develop a website that is fully responsive for mobile and tablet users

Project Description


The University of Glasgow approached us to design and develop the school of International Laws new website. The website needed to be the centrepiece of the International Law schools work, showcasing all publications, events and news from within the School. The centre is a leading international law group that provides cutting edge research within the university.

We worked with award winning design studio 0427 to develop a brand as a starting point for all of the centre’s physical and digital assets. We designed and developed their website with a full CMS (Content Management System) to help the centre publish all of their work.

CMS (Content Management System)


We designed and developed the website using a CMS that allows admins to post new research, events and news onto the website. The CMS allows content to be scheduled to be posted onto the site at any chosen time by the GCILS team. This will benefit the team when planning, creating and publishing content onto the site as it can be organised and scheduled in advance. We provided the team at GCILS with training on how to use the content management system to make their experience using the CMS as easy and straightforward as possible. 

News and events posts can also be filtered by category which will enhance the users experience and make it quicker and easier to find what they are looking for. The new website also gives GCILS another online platform outside of social media to share information about events, which they didn’t previously have. This will lead to more people being made aware of the events organised by GCILS and therefore more people attending or taking part in the events. The new website also gives GCILS an online platform where they can publish their world leading research in International Law and Security. This will give their work more online exposure, while boosting the websites SEO.

Online Presence


Previously, the Glasgow Centre for International Law and Security didn’t have any kind of online or visual brand presence and they came to us to solve this problem. While we designed and developed the new website to be the centerpiece of GCILS, we worked with 0427 Design Studio to develop them a brand and visual language that was then carried across the websites user interface. Their new brand allows GCILS to stay visually consistent across every platform including social media where they will now be visually recognisable to their audience. 

Digital Product Requirements


We used a CMS (Content Management System) to develop the site which allows the GCILS team to easily schedule and publish new content onto the website. 


We provided training to the team at GCILS before the website was launched to give them a sound understanding of how the CMS works. 


Ensuring that the data stored within the database is private and secure and not accessible by any parties outside of the GCILS team or those with pre-defined access.


The website is fully responsive which is a key requirement to ensure all members and potential members can access the site on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


The GCILS website is fully editable, allowing admins to post new research, events and blogs onto the site.


Client Testimonial

“Thanking @SpctrCrtv for designing our amazing website. We love it!”

 Glasgow Centre for International Law and Security

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