Mindset Coaching Professional Football Players on the road to Success.

Designing and developing a website alongside award winning design studio 0427 Design for the launch of Football Mindset. 




Support the launch of Football Mindset and their new brand

Allow Football Mindset to post blogs about their service to create more enquiries 

Build a good reputation within the football industry

Create an engaging online presence for Football Mindset

Increase online interaction and traffic to the website

Develop a website that is fully responsive for mobile and tablet users 

Develop an online platform to showcase case studies featuring big names in the industry

Make potential clients aware of Football Mindset and their previous success in the industry

Increase SEO to drive enquiries

Project Description

Football Mindset coaches professional footballers using performance and self-development techniques to help players perform to the highest level possible. Football mindset approached Spectre Creative to design and develop a new website for the launch of the company.

Football Mindset has helped many players become successful in Scottish Top division and International Football. This includes Scottish International footballer Chris Cadden who got involved with the launch of the site with a cameo in our photoshoot, used in the social media campaign when the site first launched.

Digital Transformation

Football Mindset was a new business venture and after months of hard work was starting to get noticed by the professional football industry. After their first professional client, John Souttar, Football Mindset decided they needed a brand, website and online presence that matched the professional direction the business was going in.  

We developed the Football Mindset website in collaboration with award-winning graphic design studio 0427 Design, who designed the Football Mindset branding and user interface. We translated the user interface into a fully responsive website that adapts to all screen sizes. We also worked closely with them to develop a mobile design language for navigation and scrollable elements.

The website has given Football Mindset an online platform where they can share case studies and blog posts with the aim to attract new clientele to the business. Having a website will improve Football Mindsets SEO and will also give them somewhere to direct people from social media for more information about Football Mindset, all leading to increased web traffic and interaction on the site. 

Contact details are also available on the site for clients who would rather get in touch directly via email or phone and not through social media. 

Content Management System (CMS)

One of the main ways Football Mindset will gain new clients is from them knowing who they have worked with in the past and the experiences and success they have gained from it. Developing a website for Football Mindset allows them to do exactly that. The website has been built using WordPress’ content management system which allows Football Mindset to upload new case studies and articles onto the site. This allows them to share the big names they have worked with in international football and the experiences, progress and success stories that Football Mindset has helped each player achieve. New clients coming into the business will make the decision of working with Football Mindset based on their case studies and previous clientele and experiences so it is important that they share this information online and on their website. 

Digital Product Requirements


We used a CMS (Content Management System) to develop the site which allows Football Mindset to easily schedule and publish new content onto the website. 


Ensuring that the data stored within the database is private and secure and not accessible by any parties outside of Football Mindset or those with pre-defined access.


The website is fully responsive which is a key requirement to ensure all clients and potential clients can access the site on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


The Football Mindset site is fully editable, allowing admins to post new blogs and case studies onto the website. 

Client Testimonial

“Brilliant experience working with @SpctrCrtv on the new website. Highly recommend!”

John Johnstone, Football Mindset

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