Digital Transformation

Digitising the Application Process for Disabled Students Funding

With over 600 centres across the UK with the responsibility of creating personalised applications for disabled students,  we were asked to create a digital platform for processing and auditing the 40k+ applications submitted each year on behalf of DSA centres.


Set the DSA application process and structure.we

Digitise the application process.

Provide a central management system for each centre.

Design and develop an audit platform for DSA-QAG.

Maintain high security and accessibility standard.

Provide stable and scalable hosting.

Improved experience for every student.

Improve the overall efficiency of the process.

Understanding and Experiencing


To allow us to understand the processes which were currently in place by DSA-QAG assessment centres we spent time working alongside their staff.  Working collectively gave us a greater understanding of their requirements and helped us to map out a more efficient application system that would benefit the centres, the students and DSA-QAG. 

Improving the Experience

One of the key goals was to make the audit process for DSA-QAG accessible with greater accuracy.  We designed and developed an audit platform that allowed for the grouping and inspection of applications on a scale previously unachievable. Employing these new actions resulted in a reduction in the time required for input and improved overall  accuracy. 

More importantly, we had to ensure that the product was secure and that students data was safe. We implemented exceptionally high data protection standards and supported centre staff on maintains this standard.

Users of the digital product had learning and physical disabilities which meant we needed to ensure a high level of accessibility and integration with screen reading technologies.

The product had to be easy to use and scalable to the increased demands experienced at the start of the educational session. Given the importance of the data being generated, it was important that the system would not underperform or fail during peak times. We advised and enforced a scalable hosting platform that would allow the product to perform under any peak period.


With a nationwide rollout in 600 active centres and servicing thousands of staff across the UK,  helping tens of thousands of students, the system we provided achieved all of its goals and exceeded all our expectations in both performance and organisational impact.

Digital Requirements


Given the nature of the applications and the amount of personal data submitted to the product, we ensured that the product was secure from vulnerability and that the data stored in the database was in safe hands.

AA Accessibility

For us, accessibility is a fundamental requirement for any digital product. The users are key to success so we build all of our products to AA accessibility with strong accessibility software integration. 


Given the ever-changing number of applications being submitted at any given time, the system needed to scale to the demand. With around 40,000+ applications being submitted per year we needed to ensure our product never stalled.

Fully Responsive

We took time to understand the needs of the users of the system, realising that they had to work remotely we had to build a platform that would work anywhere, on any device and on any network. A fully responsive, work anywhere system.

Nationwide Training

We provided nationwide training to the users of the platform.  We provided training through a number of methods i.e. documented training, a video series and also in-person training. 

Key Stats

600 active centres

1500 staff

40,000+ student applications