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Its all about creating wonder!

Do you ever wonder where magicians learn magic? Where do they get their magic supplies and share their knowledge? This was a question we all had before working with Alakazam Magic. This is a one stop shop for everything magical. From training to tricks, Alakazam has budding magicians and expects lining up for their latest products.

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Bringing magic to customers online

Alakazam were looking to take their store and create a truly magical experience for their customers to buy their vast array of wizarding products. Alakazam has a fantastic social media presence, entertaining thousands of people online with tips and tricks. Their store, however, left a lot to be desired, being outdated in many ways and failing to deliver any sparkle to their customers’ shopping experience. 

Alakazam started working with us to really escalate their design and customer experience while also significantly improving their store management. 

They also wanted to make sure that their online training platform was the best in the business and to make it easy for customers to buy and view training materials through the site.

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Exciting New Design

The new website was launched in tandem with a new brand logo. We wanted to create new brand assets to help bring that special touch to the new eCommerce website. We developed a custom icon pack for Alakazam to help the customer have a better shopping experience by creating unique visual cues.

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Project Outcomes

Alakazam launched their new eCommerce website with roaring success. The store was designed and developed from the ground up using Shopify as the eCommerce platform of choice. There were several integrations required to make this store run smoothly for customers and the Alakazam team. We designed and delivered a custom API integration between their new store and their suppliers.  

The store was also set up with a new loyalty system that brought over all existing customers loyalty points. This transition was carried out seamlessly and integrated as part of customer accounts. 

We delivered a custom ‘academies’ area for customers to view and download training material or video based instructions for various magical products. 

Lastly, we created a custom shopify app that allowed for product filtration of the large number of products that Alakazam sells. Making it easy for customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Going Forward

Alakazam Magic have been an amazing client to work with as we love their products and the value they provide their customers through their online academies. We continue to work closely with their team to improve their online offering and enhance their store through better customer experience.