Why your Website is Important for Digital Transformation

Taking your business online or simply updating your current website? Digital transformation is how your business keeps up to date with the latest changes in technology. From integrating digital cloud sharing platforms, artificial intelligence or chatbots to upgrade the way your business operates, your website is still one of your most important digital assets and shouldn’t be abandoned for more trendy or up to date platforms during digital transformation.

It’s a process that is unique for every business to help them achieve their objectives and goals including business growth and development in the market. To stay competitive and relevant within your market, it’s important that businesses adapt and transition to digital. Even if you think your business has already fallen behind the digital bandwagon, it’s never too late to get started. Digital transformation has many benefits and opportunities that can easily begin by launching a website for your business.

User Experience

Your customer’s online experience should be your biggest priority when it comes to digital. The main focus of your digital transformation should be to use new or current technology to improve your customer’s experience, especially on your website. Designing and digitising the customer journey or user experience on your website to keep up to date with new technology or modern trends will continue to gain your customer’s trust and respect during this digital revolution. Although your business must be ready to adapt during digital transformation as new technology, trends and competition come into the market, with customer demand and expectations constantly increasing.

Insights and Analytics

Going digital will enable your business to track and analyse data and metrics gathered from digital marketing techniques. This can include the number of clicks and landing page rates from your email marketing campaign through to your website. Then once the user is on your website, tracking their digital journey to find out what pages or information they are most interested in or want to find out about first. Data-driven insights and analytics will help your business understand it’s customers, allowing you to optimise your website to have the most relevant information, content and layout and improving your customer’s digital journey.


Digital transformation within your business will give an opportunity to create a sense of unity throughout your workforce and different departments in your businesses. Using a progressive web app to log and record internal business information will do exactly that. Communication is key to all successful relationships. Having a strong communication system between all departments of your business will maximise the chance of success and achieving business objectives and goals. Employees will be more likely to break and overcome age or social barriers by engaging in conversation, learning and overcoming problems together. When you integrate and connect all departments within a business, a strong company culture will be created.

Digital Culture

Maintaining a strong digital culture will create a productive and motivated atmosphere and work ethic in the workplace. Employees will be less likely to feel stressed or under pressure as a result of the many digital strategies or platforms put in place, allowing them to easily share information or work together on projects. Digital transformation will also increase leadership within your business as a result of the digital procedures or management strategies in place. For example, project managers will be able to manage their team members and take control or responsibility of projects a lot easier by taking advantage of the strong digital culture that has been formed. They will be able to present information and projects to their team members digitally, share files or information, contact, give feedback and maintain good professional relationships with their whole team all thanks to digital transformation within their business.  

Digital Transformation and your Website

More and more small to medium-sized businesses are now realising that websites offer a whole new platform for creativity which is good for business when going digital. One of the main flaws that larger businesses make during digital transformation is not giving their most important digital asset enough attention, which is, of course, their website. Websites still play a key part in digital transformation and shouldn’t be overlooked as a thing of the past. Many small businesses use their social media pages and accounts as a way of avoiding not having a website, although this is only going to narrow down their market. Your website is the most important digital asset that will support your business’s growth.

Having a website in place is good for your business, but having a responsive website is even better. Being able to respond accordingly to different screen sizes is essential when it comes to digital transformation and taking your business online. Your website should be functional for the user no matter what device they are viewing it on. A responsive website will help keep your customer’s attention and trust, being able to easily navigate around your site from the essential user experience design in place.

Websites aren’t dead. They are still very relevant in the digital world and throughout the digital transformation of your business. Digital transformation will bring many benefits to your business that can all start by launching a website. Your business needs a website and web design that’s responsive with an effective user experience design in place; it’s the first touchpoint that your online customers will interact with and needs to create an impact. Your website is only the beginning of going digital, but it will always be essential to get started.

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