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Support and maintenance has always been one of those services we needed to offer but never really wanted to. 

We have always set out with every customer in an open and honest way, sharing with them the value of our service and the value it will bring to their ecommerce business. 

Then we would need to discuss ongoing support and maintenance. 

This portion of the discussion always felt a little like selling snake oil. 

We were essentially selling an insurance policy to our clients…

Here is why we weren’t sure about it:

We decided that it was important for us to take another look at our service to provide the best possible experience for our customers. 

Following this, we have redefined the support and maintenance service to be an active service and not a passive one. 

Our offering is simple, we will actively maintain, upgrade and improve our clients’ ecommerce websites on a monthly basis. The amount of time needed to do this depends on the type of project they have and the goals they have as a business. 

This service utilises all offerings within our business:

Additionally, we decided that long term contracts are not something we need to tie our clients into. Our support and maintenance offering is offered in 3 monthly blocks. This means that after 3 months we can increase, decrease or cancel our support service depending on the needs of your business. 

Since our service is based on time, we can easily report on a monthly basis the improvements we are making to our clients’ sites, meaning they are seeing real progress happen on their ecommerce stores. 

It has been a long time coming for us to re-evaluate the business of ecommerce support. We are constantly trying to improve the experience of our clients within our business and make their lives easier. 

Our support service is designed to foster a partnership between our business and our customers’ business to improve the quality of their online store. It is with this partnership approach that we believe great things can happen. 

Our new support and maintenance service has been a real hit with our existing customers and we have a service that we believe in. While we may not have re-invented the wheel here, we are offering a new take on an old practice.

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