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Why UX Design is Key to Digital Transformation

Written by Spectre Creative

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Digital Transformation + UX Design

Digital transformation is all the ways that your business is keeping up to date and integrating with digital. It’s so much more than a few changes being made, it’s a whole process of its own. In the digital crazy world that we live in, if you are trying to keep the attention of your customers and attract new ones, then digital transformation is a must for you to stay relevant within a constantly developing market, with constantly rising expectations for digital. From posting blogs and keeping your social media accounts up to date, to launching a website or replacing your current processes in the workplace with a digital system and cloud sharing platforms, digital transformation comes in all different shapes and sizes. But the one thing that is key to digital transformation is, of course, user experience.

User Experience Design is focussed on making the users digital journey and experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. UX is designed around the way people interact with digital products or platforms including websites, digital systems and apps and has a main goal of increasing click-through rates, conversion rates and overall ease of use on all websites and digital platforms.

Digital Transformation and User Experience Design both share a common goal of creating digital experiences to make different processes as easy as possible for the end user. Implementing digital transformation with an effective UX design will no doubt be more successful than one without. Both are user-centric and aim to create the perfect experience for the end user. Continue reading to find out more about why UX design is key to digital transformation.

User Centric Design

Digital transformation and user experience design are both heavily user-centric. They are designed and developed with the needs and wants of the end user at the forefront of the digital system being put in place. User-centric design is key to a system being usable and desirable by your customers. You need to put a system or a website in place that your customers will want to use over and over again! Implementing a platform that is updated, better than before and one your customers will keep on returning to is the goal of digital transformation. User Experience Design is key to digital transformation as it decides the structure and journey that your customers will experience and love on your user-centric website or digital system.

Good Design is Good Business

Both UX Design and digital transformation are good for business. But if you bring them both together, something amazing can be created. Digital transformation will keep your business up to date with technology, with the most recent models and upgrades or developments of a system being used, while good user experience design will make the users digital journey as simple as possible, retaining their attention and loyalty.

Having a good user experience design on your website will make the customer journey from the landing page to making a purchase as enjoyable as possible. Good user experience design can help boost user interaction on your site which can lead to overall higher conversion rates. A mobile responsive design is also good for business as it will help your website reach a wider or different target market, for example, local search. Launching a website with an effective user experience design will also boost your SEO and ranking on an online search results page from the user-centric navigation design on your site. We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but good design is good for business, and developing a website with an overall attractive and interactive user experience design will help draw users into your site while boosting your business’s online presence and visual style.   

An engaging digital system will make the end users journey so much more enjoyable, all thanks to the user experience design. In the workplace, a digital system will motivate employees by providing a modern and up to date system to work with. Implementing a digital system will allow departments or even separate offices in different parts of the world to work together and collaborate on projects. It’s also a quick and easy way to share documents and files in a digital format, cutting down on printing and manually sharing documents within the workplace. Many digital systems allow access to log in no matter the location, so would be ideal when sharing information and presentations at meetings for example. A digital system with great user experience will allow employees to use the system with little to none training involved from the design itself being so self explanatory and user centric. Overall, a digital system with a great user experience will help streamline many processes within your business, motivating your employees and encouraging collaboration on projects and between offices.  

Digital Experiences

Creating an enjoyable, easy to use, digital experience is one of the main goals of both digital transformation and user experience design. User experience design plays a huge role in what digital transformation has to offer. Digital transformation can modernise current processes within your business. The user experience design is responsible for making your new digital system or website streamlined and easy to understand. An up to date UX design will keep users attention and interest, taking them on the full digital journey to making a purchase or filling out a form, all thanks to the UX design guiding the way to success. Going digital will also save time for both your customers and employees who are using the new digital system. The user experience design will allow people to easily navigate their way around the system. This may include having call to actions on your website or saving customer details by creating an account to allow purchases to be made in no time! A digital system may include a search feature that allows your customer’s information to be easily found if any enquiries are made, saving both your time and theirs. The digital experiences put in place during digital transformation will no doubt result in a motivated workforce and more satisfied customers.

Success in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is important to the success of your business. Your business needs to keep up to date with technology if it wants to keep up with your customers. Technology is constantly evolving and your customer’s expectations when it comes to digital are constantly rising. If you’re wondering, why is our journey to digital not being successful? User experience design is key to digital transformation and needs to be implemented throughout your digital platforms. Both digital transformation and user experience are user-centric and work together to make the digital experiences as engaging as possible for both your customers and employees.