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Shopify Plus is Shopify’s enterprise-level software solution that gives you more functionality out of the box which makes running an eCommerce business much easier. Shopify Plus was created to solve the problem that legacy commerce alternatives have not evolved to meet the rate of change online. Instead, merchants have often been confined to rigid, inflexible systems with unrealistic time and resource costs. 

As consumer experience expectations around omnichannel commerce continue to evolve, merchants will need to make serious considerations as to how they are going to meet this challenge. Succeeding in this environment requires technology that enables brands to move quickly and innovate, without compromising on reliability.

Flexible, plug-and-play platform 

By default, Shopify Plus comes with an easy-to-use editor where you can make changes fast with a drag-and-drop theme editor, or dive into the code for advanced customisation.

Anywhere commerce

Reach your customers on Shopify, merchants can build storefronts globally—while managing everything through Shopify: from Amazon, TikTok, Facebook Messenger and more.

Also, Shopify’s Buy Button SDK can make any content site shoppable, while the Storefront API and Custom Storefronts empower brands to build storefronts anywhere.  

Scalability and reliability 

Shopify Plus’ cloud-based infrastructure is very robust and they like to champion the fact that “Shopify Plus has never had an outage on a Black Friday. ”. Shopify’s platform is really quite impressive. It powers over 600,000 merchants at 80,000 requests per second at its peak. Works on a cluster of Shopify’s own servers running Docker with the Rails app, along with a few AWS feature-based augmentations and provides 99.99% server uptime. 

Rapid deployment 

Shopify Plus requires no installation or deployment. It’s 100% cloud-based with standardised APIs. Pre-existing connectors via the Shopify app store reduce the custom development and integration requirements for many popular ERP, CMS and other business systems. 

Easy to use   

One of the best things about Shopify Plus is how easy it is to use it. You can manage every store and user in your company from a single admin. This saves you time, time that can be invested back into your brand. 

Optimised for conversion 

See up to 18% higher conversion with Shopify’s Shop Pay. It’s constantly enhanced for speed, conversion, and customer experience across multiple devices.  

Automation & Exclusive Apps 

There are some fantastic apps that are exclusive to Shopify Plus users. These apps help extend the usefulness of Shopify from a management perspective and the speed at which you can make an impact on your store.

Shopify Plus allows you to take advantage of Shopify Flow, an eCommerce automation platform. Flow is an event-based feature that enables you to create automated workflows. This means that Flow monitors your store for events, and lets you create an automated sequence of actions that are taken in response. Shopify Flow has a simple visual builder that helps automate many customer-facing tasks and office processes within your store and across your apps.

The app stores and executes actions based on triggers and conditions that you specify, like tagging loyal customers, sending reorder requests, and more. All this without any prior coding knowledge. 

Shopify Plus applications to enhance your store

Launchpad is useful to plan and automate flash sales, product launches, or sales campaigns. Once the sale event is over, you can easily roll back all the changes.


Script Editor allows you to create personalised experiences for your customers at the shopping basket/checkout stage. Small pieces of code help apply discounts or customise shipping and payment options for customers. This helps reduce the rate of abandoned carts.

Product Inventory Management

Changing customer details between stores and multiple stores can be a pain, Shopify Plus’ exclusive Transporter app enables you to import customer, product, and order records into your Shopify store. This makes it easy for you to send customer records across stores.

Selling wholesale

Wholesale channel can be used to sell your products wholesale to other businesses. You can sell on the Handshake marketplace, or create a separate, password-protected storefront. Choose an option that fits the size and complexity of your wholesale business.

In-depth analytics options

Shopify offers a detailed analytics dashboard where you can view stats like sales, top products, landing pages or referrers, returning customer rates and more. You can produce professional reports via this tool and you’ll be able to catch up on minute info about your store.

Analytics dashboard

While this may be adequate for most businesses, Shopify Plus works with leading analytics companies to keep you abreast of the latest trends in your store.

Shopify Plus gives you a lot more flexibility, automation tools, an exclusive app, support options, and more access to your store’s underlying code. Shopify Plus is a robust option for growing your business. A Shopify Plus store whilst it does have a price that may be off-putting to new businesses, the money that you save not having to deal with expensive upgrade cycles and being constantly in battle against the changing security threat landscape makes it the perfect option for any brand that values stability and reliability. 

Get in touch with our team of Shopify experts if you think Shopify Plus could be a good fit for your eCommerce business.

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