What is Gamificataion?

What is Gamificataion?

Gamification… what is that? The fication of a game? No that makes no sense. You may have heard this word mentioned from time to time, in the circles of business, marketing or web development. In fact, you may have heard it somewhere else and pulled that “yeah… gamification… I know what that is” face. So what exactly is Gamification?

Gamification is when you take an existing website, application, marketing method or online community and integrate game mechanics.

The reason to do this is to motivate participation, loyalty and engagement the way that game designers have been doing since the dawn of the gaming. By doing this you are adding value for your customers and motivating them to take action that benefits your business.

When you think about that on the surface level you maybe imagine creating games for business purposes. However, this is not the case. It is about enhancing and amplifying an existing experience and adding game based motivational techniques to make it more engaging. By gamifying interactions with customers you can drive more sales, higher ROI, deeper loyalty and higher customer satisfaction.

This all sounds very good but what is the promise that gamification presents to people who are looking for a way to enhance customer interaction? Gamification adds a level to your business, customer interaction that feeds a desire that lies in all of us. It is the reason that mobile gaming and gaming, in general, has become such a mainstream and popular past time. Gamification provides people with community, feedback, achievement and reward in a way that regular, non-gamified services cannot.

Gamification provides businesses with the possibility of creating true loyalty between a business and its customers online.

So that is what gamification is in a nutshell and what it can provide a business. However, we are going to go deeper, deep as the ocean. The reason that this works is because there is a set of defining set of principles that games mechanics have been using for years to keep people coming back.


Providing feedback to your users by notifying them of their activities via notification, messages or emails. This keeps them involved in what their progress is, encouraging them to keep moving forward to the next milestone and promoting the rewards they will earn by doing so.

Short-term and long-term goals

This is something as simple as filling out their profile to full-scale missions and challenges. This is giving the user a reason to go back and interact and letting them know the value this will provide them.


Showing your users where they sit in comparison to other users. This does not need to give specific users names but showing people their place in the community encourages competition and a reason to increase interaction and increase their position amongst their peers.


Giving users the opportunity to earn points based on different types of interaction, completing missions, sharing with others, helping in the community or creating something useful for others to use.

The points can be built up to make purchases within the ecosystem or establish a higher ranking.


Giving your users a badge is a way of rewarding people for their accomplishments. This provides people with a status of achievement that can show them as being of a higher rank due to their commitment to the game or service.


When playing a game you need to learn how to use it. This can be done through a short mission that teaches you through increases in new options progressively. This helps users becoming engaged as they start to understand rather than making them become frustrated straight away with an unfamiliar interface or difficult to understand manual.

These are just a few techniques that are used to encourage gamers to move forward within a game. As we are sure you will see it’s not hard to imagine how these techniques can be used in a beneficial way what could increase customer engagement and drive stronger customer loyalty.

For more information about Gamification and how it could be used to enhance an existing website, application or service that your business utilises please get in touch. We would be happy to help.