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Looking for quality app integrations for your Shopify store? We have put together a list of top 5 apps that have significantly transformed and improved our clients’ eCommerce businesses. We focus on Shopify apps that maximise revenue, automate day-to-day marketing activities, customer retention and the best way to manage your store data.


Leader in UK’s “Buy now, pay later’ market. Clearpay provides value to consumers who want to be in charge of their finances with the ability to pay in interest-free instalments within their budgeting needs.

Together with flexible payments, Clearpay offers a store directory which, on average, provides one million yearly referrals to merchants globally.

Key Clearpay benefits:

In 2021, Clearpay delivered over £400 million in net benefits to small and medium business merchants using their service. Source: Clearpay Economic impact report 2021


When it comes to email marketing for eCommerce, Klaviyo has established itself as the industry leader. The answer to why they are the best is simple – Kalviyo provides seamless email marketing integration and data sync with your online shop and all you have to do is create an account and click one or two buttons. This makes it possible to store customer data in the same platform that delivers personalised experiences to customers.

Key Klaviyo benefits:


User generated content (UGCs) should be of the highest importance to an eCommerce store looking to speed up its growth. Yotpo’s functionality allows users to review and upload content like images and videos, turning UGCs into sales!

Key Yotpo benefits:

Loyalty Lion

The loyalty program offers personalised shopping experiences and builds longer-lasting relationships with customers. LoyaltyLion is the current industry leader with over 10k eCommerce stores globally using their services to increase customer lifetime value.

Key Loyalty Lion benefits:


Our final suggestion is perhaps the most important one. Metrixify is an essential addition to managing your Shopify store data with human-readable Excel and CSV files.

Key Metrixify benefits:

Which functionality is missing from your Shopify store? Get in touch with our Shopify experts and we can work together to implement the right integrations to grow your business.

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