Talking admin (the good parts)

Talking admin (the good parts)

Admin talk at Clyde College, Anniesland

Today Craig was out at Clyde College, Anniesland campus talking to administration students about how we use tech to help run Spectre. We looked at the roles we have in the business and how each can be enhanced with different tools.

Starting with the tasks involved in the day to day running of Spectre, Craig showed the students how we split the business into different management roles. They then discussed how the roles can be managed and overseen using different software. Craig talked the students through our systems for managing clients, running projects and dealing with the day to day of the business using examples of the tech we use.

The main point Craig wanted to get across is that tech in a business is only as good as the team that uses it. There have been times in our business where information has been inputted into software and never seen again. We’ve developed a way of working that means the tech enhances our workflow and gives us information to make decisions. We all have access to all of the information we need and the team is better for it.

Thanks to Sharon Crombie at Clyde College and Christina Christopoulou from Bridge 2 Business for the opportunity to share what Craig knows with the students.