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#006 – Jeremie Warner – Power a Life – The Spectre Creative Podcast

Once a month the Spectre studio becomes a recording studio when we record the Spectre podcast. We invite people along to tell us things we didn’t know before so we can learn what makes the people around us tick.

Last week we got together with Jeremie Warner from Power a Life.

Power A Life began in 2012 with a trip to West Africa. Stephen & Jeremie studied together at university in Strathclyde, focusing on Sustainable Development in Africa. Power A Life was an idea developed in partnership with schools the pair visited on their trip. Talking to children and teachers, it soon became apparent that one of the biggest issues facing children’s ability to do well in school was completing homework at night. Our buy-one, give-one business model empowers African children with solar light to study at night.

Our chat with Jeremie was extremely insightful, understanding the person behind this fantastic social business and hearing the story so far.
Jeremie is chalk full of passion and knows his business inside out. It was a pleasure having him on the show.

Huge thanks to Jeremie for coming down to see us. You can learn more about Power a Life at:

The ideas within the show are the captivating parts. We get inspired by people doing awesome things and we want to bring that energy to the podcast. If you have a thought that you’re just bursting to share with the world please get in touch and we’ll chat about having you on the show.

The format of the show is casual. The reason behind this is that we want the conversation to be natural and not like a boring interview, you know the type. If the conversation goes off on a tangent that’s preferable. Everybody knows something you don’t, so why not build a community of like-minded, interesting, good people to share these ideas.

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