Spectre Creative Podcast #005 Stephen Kirkwood and Steven Galloni

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#005 – Stephen Kirkwood and Steven Galloni – Skapade – The Spectre Creative Podcast

Once a month the Spectre studio becomes a recording studio when we record the Spectre podcast. We invite people along to tell us things we didn’t know before so we can learn what makes the people around us tick.

Last week we got together with Stephen Kirkwood and Steven Galloni from SKapade Studios. SKapade is an award winning independent music studio based in Dumbarton. The SKapade team is made up of accomplished DJs and producers that have played venues and festivals all over the world. They have all the skills they need for a happy life in the music industry. But SKapade isn’t going to settle for that. Their team is special.

SKapades ethos is based on personal development. They live on a drive to better themselves and the world around them. Through their classes and workshops, they teach people the skills they need to make their own music. Alongside the professional skills SKapade develop the personal skills their students need to make the best of themselves. They discuss creating the right mindset, how to encourage the right environment for yourself and the kind of things we can read to give ourselves the best chance in our lives.

The approach the studio takes to its work has drawn people from as far as Toronto, Canada to work in their Dumbarton studio. Their ethos and the partnerships they’ve made has seen them meet the Prince of Wales and show First Minister Nicola Sturgeon how to lay down sick beats on the decks.

For us, the chat with Steven and Stephen was invaluable. Their stories and their mindset are an encouragement to anyone who wants to break from the mundane and follow their calling. The desire to improve themselves and help people around them is contagious. To them all problems are opportunities and all setbacks are learning experiences. SKapade makes us believe a better world where we can all be positive people. If you take that as saccharine or overdone you’ve yet to meet SKapade. Give the podcast a listen and you’ll see what we mean.

Huge thanks to Stephen and Steven for coming down to see us. You can learn more about SKapade at:

The ideas within the show are the captivating parts. We get inspired by people doing awesome things and we want to bring that energy to the podcast. If you have a thought that you’re just bursting to share with the world please get in touch and we’ll chat about having you on the show.

The format of the show is casual. The reason behind this is that we want the conversation to be natural and not like a boring interview, you know the type. If the conversation goes off on a tangent that’s preferable. Everybody knows something you don’t, so why not build a community of like-minded, interesting, good people to share these ideas.

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