User Experience Design.

Making the journey from the homepage to purchasing products as easy and as fun as possible.

User experience is about developing digital products that are both usable and user-centric. When someone arrives on your websites what will their impression be? Good UX makes the journey from the homepage to purchasing products as easy and enjoyable as possible.

User Experience Services.

Information Architecture

The purpose of Information Architecture (IA) is to structure, organise and label the content on a site so that users can find exactly what they what they are looking for, whether that is some information or to perform an action. Through the information architecture, we understand not only how each piece of the site, whether media or text, fits together, but also how each item relates to all the other items within this structure. This allows for setting out the objectives of each page and the role they play for the user.


This is the start of the design process and is focused on structure, process, and where elements will be placed on each of your products pages. A good set of wireframes helps map out the key elements that need considering before design has been carried out. Wireframes are like the blueprints or sketches drawn up by an architect. Not polished, but allow for concepts to form.

Clickable Prototypes

Prototypes are the bridge between a static design and a full product release. Prototypes help tie all the aspects of UX, Design, and interaction together giving a better understanding of how the product works. Prototypes demonstrate navigation, interaction, timing, functional animation, and many key aspects that you can’t glimpse from a static design. The Prototype will also aid in understanding the requirement for what content will be needed for the site.

Process Mapping

The purpose of process mapping is to improve efficiency. Process mapping highlights waste, streamlines work processes and builds deeper understanding. These maps help plan projects and allows us to visually communicate the important details of a process rather than writing extensive directions through a product.

User Personas

The purpose of User Personas is to create reliable and realistic representations of who your customers are. From the data you already have we can create a fairly accurate picture of the characteristics your customers have Personas will guide our design decisions from interface behaviors, labeling, design traits that common place, colour choices, down to the tone of voice of the written copy.

User Testing

User Testing gives you real world feedback prior to launching a new digital product. Often user testing can be illuminating in validating a innovative product as users will often not interact with your tool as you may have imagined. We don’t assume to know everything, our approach is to observe what somebody does with the tool instead of coaching them on how to use it. If there’s a source of frustration then we mold the design to the user and not the other way around.

Card Sorting

Card Sorting will help us understand your uses expectations and understanding of your products/service. Understanding how your users group information and expect to find content on your site will help us build an appropriate structure for your website, design a homepage that entices and attract your audience and better label content for users to find what they are looking for.

User Journeys

User journeys help us understand user behavior and anticipate how they could interact with a new system or service. By understanding this we are opening up opportunities to design a service that anticipates your clients needs and provides them with the tools to take appropriate action. Creating a better service, a happier client and a more effective product for your business.

Project Case Studies.

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