Planning and Strategy.

We start by understanding your goals, needs, and strengths to help you make the right product decisions when it comes to digital.

We start by understanding your goals, needs, and strengths to help you make the right product decisions when it comes to digital. Making sure that you are investing in a product that gets results. From the very first conversation we work closely with you. Seamlessly Integrating into your business to significantly enhance your online offering.

Planning and Strategy Services.


Deciding how to proceed with any development project requires that you understand what systems you have in place and what you would require to reach your desired outcome, enhancing the digital experience of your team and customers.

Brief Creation

Before we can carry out any project we need to understand who you are, what you do, why you do it, and ultimately your organisation’s goals. The brief is one of the most important documents for the success of a project. Once we have a clear idea of the objectives you’re trying to reach we can plan the best way to get there.

Design Strategy

We care about long term success. We start with your goal and work backward from there. We identify the most effective technologies and approach to adopt to get the results you need. We keep it simple, which helps you focus on taking action.

Technology Audit

What tools are you currently using to achieve your goals? What works and what is causing you pain? To develop a digital system, with the future in mind, we look to your current and past products to make sure we equip you with the best.

Competition and Peer Analysis

To be the best, sometimes you need to peek over the fence and learn from what others are doing well. Understanding what is good and bad can provide a clearer path to creating a digital experience that sets you apart from your competition.

Audience Analysis

Whether your audience is the general public or a large internal team, understanding their wants, needs and motivations is the only way to make sure we design and develop for the user. Developing a knife for a hunter and a chef is totally different, even though it is still a knife.

User Interviews

To better understand who will be using your new digital product and understanding how they will use it, we carry out user interviews to find out all the details we will need to develop a user centered experience and design.

Project Specification

Sometimes all you have is an idea of what you are looking to achieve but unsure of what you will need and how you will achieve this. We can carry out our process to develop a thorough project specification that will give a clear roadmap for design and development.

Stakeholder Interviews

Understanding the needs, wants and desires of the people behind your business and making sure it is right is as important as creating a product that is perfect for your customers. We carry out interviews or prepare questionnaires that can get to the heart of what makes your business teams tick, developing a system that works for them and in turn, works for your customer.

Project Case Studies.

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