Scotlands Enterprising Schools

Scotlands Enterprising Schools

Logo / Brand direction / Website Design and Development / Social media / Flyers and Business Cards


Scotland’s Enterprising Schools is an initiative driven by the Scottish Government and Education Scotland. The project was designed to be a platform that connects teachers across Scotland, allowing them to share business and enterprise teaching methods and content.

Scotland’s Enterprising Schools approached us to design their brand, promotional material and website and video. The organisation’s aim was to raise awareness, bring a recognisable face to the organisation and develop the platform that allows teachers to share their teaching content across Scotland.


We met with all eight partners of the project several times to understand their motivations, passions and thinking behind Scotland’s Enterprising Schools.

We researched different avenues that we could explore to come up with their brand and the style of their organisation.
We designed the mark to embody the concept of growth and opportunity. Looking at nature we came to the butterfly and its transformative process from being a caterpillar.

We also looked at the Scottish flag and its shape and colours. Using these two visuals we developed a strong brand mark that represented the organisations purpose and possibility.


The brand mark needed to work well across all mediums from the website to print to social. We created social banners that told people about the project and its purpose, allowing people to fully understand Scotland’s Enterprising School goals and motivations.

The brand mark stands strongly across all forms of social media and is instantly recognisable.


As Scotland’s Enterprising Schools was starting out they were taking part in several education conventions where is was was important that they had marketing collateral to promote their brand amongst a busy crowd.

We developed business cards, flyers and banners that would impress and keep the organisations in people’s mind when walking around conventions.


The website was designed to be inviting and accessible by anyone.

Directed towards teachers it was important that understanding the project, benefits and ability to sign up was easy to do and a fast process given teacher’s tight schedules.

The websites success has grown the partners on the project from 5 originally to 36 current partners.

  • Partners page
  • Highlight practices page
  • News page

Scotlands Enterprising Schools needed a video to highligh what they were doing to be promoted across all social media channels and on their website.

We edited a video together using existing footage shot by the partners of the program and hired a voice over artist to give the backing vocals.


Scottish Government and Education Scotland

Brand identity, print design, web design, social media marketing, videography

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