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PPC Marketing

eCommerce focused marketing

eCommerce marketing strategy that gets the right eyes on your products and drives conversions.

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We offer personalised eCommerce marketing services. From strategy, implementation, optimisation and maintenance, we will deliver all digital marketing efforts that return on investment and your personal brand needs.

Paid Advertising Services for eCommerce


We will work with clients to learn about their industry, current marketing efforts and ecommerce marketing needs. We may request access to current performance data available including website analytics and any relevant PPC platforms currently in use.


We will consider your individual eCommerce business needs to suggest advertising platforms, budget and creative needs to elevate your Digital Marketing efforts.

Our digital marketing strategy roadmap:

  • Define KPIs for PPC (Social, Google and Microsoft Ads)
  • Create structure for remarketing and Top of Funnel campaigns
  • Install and configure the necessary tracking
  • Define target audiences for PPC campaigns


Our work goes beyond the initial eCommerce advertising channel set up. We will build custom tracking, oversee ongoing ad copy and creative asset creation, including bonus requirements such as connecting product catalogs for Google Shopping, Facebook, Pinterest, Bing and more.

Management, optimisation and growth

This is where we work to enhance your product conversions. We consider the most important influences – testing creative performance, social proof, audiences and time of day/day of the week conversions. But above all – ROAS. When are your products most profitable? Which products are most profitable?  We have the answers.

We provide weekly maintenance, manual bidding, audience building, retargeting and budget adjustment management of campaigns for Social Media Ads, Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.


Reporting on performance will be achieved through A/B testing, together with a comprehensive breakdown of devices, platforms, audiences and web analytics. We create interactive monthly ecommerce performance reports using Google Data Studio. Fully customisable based on your eCommerce business needs.

Other services available

Email Marketing

Full management service. We will set up a completely new email marketing system or enhance your current email marketing efforts. Get in touch to discuss eCommerce email marketing strategy, platforms and our recommendations.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

We understand the value and impact of organic SEO. We will provide expert audits, backlink growth and keyword optimization to rank to the top!

Our eCommerce PPC Platforms

Google Ads

The father, mother and grandparents of PPC. We recommend Manual CPC campaigns above all.

There is nothing better than being fully in control of your spend and, again, the most important metric - ROAS.

Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads)

Often overlooked, formerly known as Bing Ads, have recently made a comeback within the ecommerce PPC services.

Depending on your product this platform can typically have lower competition rates, cheaper CPC prices and great ways to optimise advertising.

We highly recommend considering Microsoft Ads in your PPC strategy. Let’s test it!

Paid Social Media Advertising

Whether or not it’s an industry favourite - it’s definitely ours.

Facebook Ads are crucial for brand awareness. We can’t think of a better way to promote your branded content and products visually.

Some of our favourite features - A/B testing creative, testing detailed audiences vs. Lookalike, testing carousels vs. collection ads, testing remarketing audiences. We love testing amd producing results for your eCommerce business!

Our Focus

Our Marketing service focuses on these key deliverables

Traffic that converts

How many visitors are required to bring in desired value?

Conversion rate

What is the percentage of converting visitors?

Return on ad spend (ROAS)

Targeting audiences that bring in the desired value.

Behaviour tracking

What are customers clicking? What tracked behaviour brings in the most value? How can we improve what we are doing with this information?


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