Sandeep Singh and Haseeb Ibrahim.

By | July 19, 2018


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MyFlag Bio

On this episode, we have Sandeep Singh and Haseeb Ibrahim the founders of MyFlag, An international technology startup. They recently won the Young entrepreneurs of the year at the Scottish Asian & Business Awards. Really inspiring couple of gentlemen, not afraid of hard work and are full of determination.

Podcast Content

00:02:00 – Story of MyFlag

00:13:00 – Competition

00:20:00 – The trouble with patents

00:36:00 – How to sell your Vision

00:41:00 – Risk vs Reward

00:53:15 – Entrepreneur Incubators

58:32:00 – Fate in business – how do to get your product in front of the right people.

1:04:41 – Getting your product made in Shenzhen, China. manufacturing – Fan engagement. Different applications

01:08:04  – What if another company steals your ideas, IP, technology

01:15:35 – LGBT – Community

01:19:25 – Brushing the political divide Jeremy  

01:21:39 Being cheeky With Jeremy Corbyn

01:27:19 story with Corbyn not getting the traction – newspapers are full of shit.

01:30:24 – The difference between a business owner and an entrepreneur

01:40:00 – If you could do it again – advice for a startup starting out

1:44:00 Matthew reflects on the reality of business

1:55:00 – The reality of entrepreneurship

2:01:00 – Scotland and support for business.

2:03:00 – Edinburgh VS Glasgow Entrepreneurship

2:14:00 – The truth about gateways of business

02:39:31 – What it’s like having a business partner when times are tough  

02:44:00 – Ego In business

02:47:21 – Mental toughness in entrepreneurship

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