By 10th July 2019

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Episode 7.2: Football Mindset | John Johnstone (Bonus Episode)

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Football Mindset


John Johnstone from Football Mindset joins us for round two of The Founders Podcast on this bonus episode. We had the pleasure of speaking to John on Episode 7 of The Founders Podcast, but we thought it was only fair to invite him back for round two to fix some audio issues that we, unfortunately, encountered the first time around. On this episode, we got the chance to discuss in more depth the interesting topics that we covered the first time around. John Johnstone is the founder of the company Football Mindset and works with some of the biggest names in football, training them mentally to perform to the highest possible level. We hope you enjoy this episode and a big thank you to John from Football Mindset for coming back on The Founders Podcast for take two. Once again, a great episode, a great chat and a brilliant insight into Football Mindset with a lot to learn.


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South Block



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