Code For Primaries Day

Code for Primaries Day

Matt and Nana spent the morning with 120 P6 and P7 students talking about the opportunities in the future working with code.

Matt and Nana have spoken in front of many audiences, but this was a first to talk to 120 fidgeting 10-year-olds! The goal was to keep them interested and get them excited about the opportunities coding can bring.

The presentation covered how coding and design touches so many industries.

This showed the importance of great design, hardware and software and working across teams to make great products and services that change the way we live and work with technology.

They also spoke about the exciting possibilities of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Self-Driving Cars.

It was really great to see all the young people get extremely excited about all the possibilities of code in the world. The majority raised their hands to the question “Who wants to work with code in their job in the future” at the end of the presentation.

We were amazed and impressed by the questions from the young students at the end of the talk like;

“What if artificial intelligence becomes too smart?”

“How does a self-driving car decide what to do in the event of a crash”

“Is it a good idea to have robots that can think?”

These sorts of questions had Matt and Nana surprised as they were unexpectedly considered for students who we assumed were hearing about these technologies for the first time.

The talk was a great experience for the students but also for Matt and Nana who both spoke really highly about the engagement from the students and the quality of conversation from such a young audience.

They both look forward to events like this again in the future.

Big thanks to Corpus Christi Primary School for having us along to talk and being welcoming to our team, and to the ‘Digital Leaders’ who set up the hall for our presentation.

Videos we showed the students

Demonstration of Philips Hue wireless lighting system.

Tesla Model S Door Handle opening as user approaches car.

Google Self Driving Car.

Technology changing the way cruise ships operate.

Robots in Amazons warehouse.

IBM Watson Jeopardy Challenge.

Computer learning to Play Super Mario.

Google Now on Tap and on page learning by google.

Boston Dynamics ‘Handle’ Robot

Boston Dynamics ‘Spot’ Robot.