John Sneddon.

By | August 1, 2018

What’s your name, role and background?

I’m John and I’m a Web Developer at Spectre Creative. I’ve just finished my third year of university and will be graduating soon.


What did you want to be when you were younger?

I didn’t know for a while. I thought I wanted to be a mechanic. I also wanted to be in a band at one point. 


What inspires you?

A lot of music, movies and games. They all put ideas in my head, whether I want to use them or just think about them.


Favourite social media platform?

I don’t like social media. If I had to pick one it would be Twitter.


Favourite places to go in Glasgow?

Years ago it would have been the Cathouse, although favourite is a strong word for that! More recently I can’t say there is one favourite. Probably home!


What colour describes your personality the best?

My favourite colour is blue, although grey would probably describe me the best. I can be very indecisive. If I can’t decide between black and white, I’d choose grey.


Would you describe a cup to be half full or half empty?

I know there’s a meaning behind that question. For me, it’s whatever one you say. I would say half full.


A place you want to visit?

I want to go back to Tennessee, I loved it there. Somewhere I’ve never visited before would either be New Zealand or Japan.


How do you take your tea or coffee?

I usually have it with lots of milk and sugar, although I don’t take sugar now.


Would you rather never use social media sites again or never watch another movie or TV show?

I could live without social media.


What’s your favourite emoji?

The sticking tongue out emoji 😋


If you could live in any other decade right now, in the past or future, which one would it be?

Again, grey! I want to live in the future to see how much technology has developed. At the same time, living in the past you can come up with ideas that you know will work and cheat the system. I would probably choose the future so I can experience what technology is like.


Favourite inspirational quote?  

“The things you own end up owning you” – Tyler Durden