JCI Scotland.

The Project

JCI Scotland is a leading membership organisation for young people to meet others, network, grow their career and experience new opportunities.

We were approached by the national president to build a website that represented and displayed the values of JCI Scotland to potential new members. The site would have to be designed in a way that was simple and would help people make a decision about becoming members.

Given that JCI Scotland is a membership organisation, the website also had to have a membership section that would allow users to sign up, make payment and manage their account online. The back end of the site would also be a members area for JCI Scotland participants. This area has blogging facilities, messaging and an area to discover new events taking place across Scotland.

The site was designed with the end user in mind with an emphasis on membership sales and creating a digital platform for user to network and take full advantage of their subscription, online.

We still work closely with JCI Scotland, developing and enhancing their website users experience.


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