JCI Scotland

JCI Scotland.

A professional network that helps young people learn and grow into professional business roles.


Junior Chamber International Scotland are an organisation that’s part of the wider Junior Chamber International. The organisation is run by a group of dedicated young people that drive the Scottish side of the group forward. Junior Chamber International came to Spectre Creative looking to achieve three goals:

  • Manage and organise their members digitally
  • Attract more people to their organisation
  • Share updates and events

Their old website was an unresponsive corporate looking site with little functionality and limited ability to update the site with new content.
Spectre set out to solve these problems and help them achieve their goals.


Junior Chamber international is a membership organisation that aims to attract young people aged 18-40. They focus on helping people in the community, grow skills and network both personally and professionally.
Their existing corporate look needed a refresh, keeping a focus on professionalism but showing the great work and welcoming nature of the organisation.

We approached the user experience to lead users through the website in a way that will show them the information that is important to Junior Chamber International and important to the user, helping them make the decision to join the organisation.


The previous website used predominantly grey colours and was not a place that would excite the user to join the organisation. We focused on bring colour to the website’s user interface so that the site was more inviting and enjoyable to be navigating around on.

The brought subtle animations to the page loads and on hover elements to signify an actions and help users understand what to do next on the page.

When looking at the membership system we laid out the designs for these pages to be a easy flow of both information and requested information by staging forms so that the user was not put off by form length.


Junior Chamber International Scotland had very little professional content for their website in regards to imagery and iconography.

We designed custom icons that were clear in what they represented and unique in appearance. This brought both a level of professionalism and brand uniqueness to the site that stock icons would not.

With regards to photography we used images that had been taken at a range of events using smartphone cameras and edited them to a professional standard bringing vibrance and assistive clarity to the text content on the site.

Membership System.

We developed a membership system that allowed new members to sign up, make payment and interact with other people in a user area.

This system allows for Junior Chamber International to move away from a spreadsheet based system to track payments and member numbers.
The systems user area creates a unique area for JCI members to share content privately, events and other useful information.

Payment processing was built right into the membership system. This allows new members so sign up and pay without the need for appealing bank transfers. Payment can be made through the site or using paypal making it easier for the user to get where they are going faster.

Calendar System.

Junior Chamber International provides regular events for all of its members so it is was important for their organisation to be able to publicise the regular events they hold online.

The event management system that we implemented into the back end of thier website allows them to show events, take payments, register interest and manage attendees.

The system will open up a whole new avenue of possibilities for Junior Chamber International Scotland to bring people together from all across Scotland.

The perfect match.

Working on JCI Scotlands website together with the team of professionals that help run this organistion was a pleasure that was enjoyed greatly by our team.

The national president understood the value of developing a website that would drive the integration of technology to provide a better experience for young professionals looking to join the organisation.

This forward thinking attitude and trust in us to deliver a product that would serve JCI Scotland for years to come was greatly appreciated by our team.

If you would like to find out more about this project or find out how we can help your business please get in touch.