How will UX Design Benefit my Business?.

By | August 13, 2018

“Good design is good business.”

-Thomas J Watson

More and more businesses are becoming aware of how effective the User Experience on digital platforms can be for their business. UX Design is based around how we interact with digital products, websites or apps, and aims to make the journey or experience as easy as possible for potential customers.

But how will UX design benefit your business? Continue reading to find out more!

User Experience and SEO

User Experience is one of the most important factors of Search Engine Optimisation. It’s one of the main ways search engines decide your ranking on the results page. Bad user experience will result in your website not being shown on the top page of results. Good structure and navigation on a website can result in your websites sitelinks also appearing in the search engine results.

Customer + Brand Loyalty

People today are technology conscious and are attracted to good User Experience. Websites that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and navigate will catch the attention of customers that will then continue to return to your website. In today’s digitally obsessed world, customers and viewers of your site are impatient and never settle for anything less as they are able to find an alternative website almost instantly.

Conversion Rates

From monitoring web analytics and highlighting frequent trends of when users leave your site, you can improve your websites User Experience. This can help your businesses improve their e-commerce, subscriptions or booking systems to ensure your customers have a clear, easy to follow experience.

Lower Costs + Increased Sales

Businesses that invest in designing an effective User Experience, for their customers benefit, will save money spent on support costs, calls and complaints from confused or frustrated customers. Users will be able to navigate your site and easily find what they are looking for as a result of the effective UX design on your website.

Your businesses sales may also increase as a result of having a good UX design in place on your site. The increased sales made from an advertising campaign will only last and satisfy your customers for a limited amount of time. Whereas, investing in a regular engagement like User Experience design, your customers will be satisfied every time they visit your website and will easily be able to make a purchase.

Word of Mouth

This is the best method of unpaid advertisement to help your business succeed online. People are more likely to trust each other’s opinions and recommendations shared on Facebook and social media over an advertisement they have recently seen. Good User Experience on your website or app will catch the attention of its users who will recommend it to other potential customers. Features including customer reviews and star ratings will also create a level of trust within your website.


Some of the most successful digital platforms today have gained a lot of their success through the effective User Experience they provide online. Businesses are becoming aware of making the experience for their online users and customers the best it can possibly be. Digital platforms are becoming one of the most common ways that businesses interact with their customers, so why not make their User Experience amazing?