How to make custom Slack emojis - Spectre Creative

Since working from home and communicating mainly through Slack, our team has invested the time and effort to customise the emojis we use to let our personality’s shine!

Here’s how to create a new custom Slack emoji.

Firstly, access custom emoji creator through the messaging panel here:

Prepare your design, upload and give it a name. And that’s it! (Continue reading for some great design tips and examples 💡)

Design specification

Best design size – 128 x 128 px
Custom emojis can be a square image or have transparent backgrounds. This will give you a lot of room for creativity.

Spectre Ideas
1. Pet emojis. Great way to customise your daily interactions with the team.

💡 Give your pet picture an emotion to use emojis with purpose.

Here’s our take:

2. Transparent backgound

Play around with different shapes and sizes. Removing a picture’s background is super easy whether expert in photoshop or avid Canva user. Remember to save is as a .png file.

💡 Upload your client logos or social media icons to grab attention when talking about specific projects. Perfect for status updates as well!


3. Gifs!

You can upload .gif’s and make a moving emoji.

💡 Brand animations and bright eye catching content works best here!

Our example:


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