• Client: Harkness Premier Jewellers (HPJ)
  • Project: Job tracking application
  • Deliverables: Cloud-based job tracking application | Training | Support

Every day HPJ receive and process hundreds of items of jewellery from the biggest jewellers across the country, It’s a high pressure, high volume workshop that each part of the operation to be streamlined. We developed HPJ a custom web application that replaced a paper ledger that held customer records.

Instantly find customer records

Response time reduced 45x

2100 records weekly

Hit targets

HPJ needed a solution to leverage digital transformation as their business grew. This outdated paper-based filing ledger made management of their repair service and process difficult to follow, response times were longer than necessary, job tracking and measurement was none existent, and billing was separate from the work itself.

We designed and developed an integrated web application which records repair requests, the location in the workshop the item is, tracks which jeweller repairs each item, gives real-time updates, uploads images of jewellery, checks when items are due to be sent back to retailers, create invoices, and generates invoices.

The web application creates a clear overview of all operations within the workshop giving management the data and foresight to increase resources and analyse team performance. The web application connects the admin staff, jewellers, and management in a way that provides clarity and accountability. Insights which were impossible to obtain previously. The system is fully mobile responsive and can be used on any device, anywhere and anytime.