Harkness Premier Jewellers.

The Project

Harkness Premier Jewellers are one of Glasgow’s premium platinum and diamond specialists. Voted as the ‘Jeweller of the Year 2017’, they offer services in both traditional and contemporary jewellery design, maintenance and repair.

From recent business expansion, Harkness was in need of enhancing their online presence to attract new and potential customers to their bespoke, specialised service.

We designed and developed a new website that caters to the needs of both the business and their customers. The site is now responsive, visually appealing and easy to navigate, and is now fully editable, allowing the business to publish blog content onto their website.

As a result of developing the User Experience and Interface combined with effective SEO, the sites web traffic has experienced a dramatic increase of 60%, achieving their goal of appealing to their audience through an engaging online presence.


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