Harkness Premier Jewellers Web App.

The Project


Harkness Premier Jewellers are one of Glasgow’s bespoke platinum and diamond specialists. Offering services in jewellery design, maintenance and repair, Harkness wanted to step away from an outdated, paper-based filing system and dive into the growing digital world.

Although traditional, the paper-based system made management of their repair service and process difficult to follow. This resulted in clients not receiving a direct answer when enquiring about their ongoing repairs. Harkness didn’t have an effective procedure in place to find the client’s record, which resulted in a long and time-consuming process before giving the customer an answer.

We developed an easy to use Web App which allows Harkness to log repairs and generate invoices. The system creates a clear overview of all jobs currently in the workshop and allows images to be attached to all repair jobs. Harkness can clearly see when repairs are ready to be sent out along with an invoice generated on the Web App.

The digital system we have put in place for Harkness has definitely made their management process time efficient by removing their old and outdated paper process and replacing it with a streamlined, digital Web App.



Progressive Web App

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