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We have enjoyed the latest Google I/O ‘22 with incredible announcements for multisearch expansion, voice search, search security and android products. Google’s My Ad Center is set to be released later this year which raises a question on the potential impact this could have on current eCommerce brands relying on Google Ads.

Power to the user

My Ad Center will allow the user to pick and choose the ad content they see. You will be able to personalise your Ads on categories/topics you enjoy, pick the brands you like and directly control the data you use like gender, age and location.

My Ad Center Announcement Images

The impact

For marketers

Businesses that rely on a catch-all approach to advertising might experience a reduction in audience size significantly. On the other hand, brands with a well-defined product story and truly helpful products will be able to benefit from a more targeted audience and reach a narrow audience quicker.

For users

You will have full control of your online presence via the Google App. You will be able to remove sensitive search results that apply to you like phone number, home address, email and location. It does feel like Google is finally taking care of its users and at least providing the tools for you to make a choice on how to navigate Google Search safely.

Final thoughts

The latest Google Announcement is all about moving forward in Search with more AI intelligence and user safety which, in theory, sounds positive. It does, however, seem like online marketing is becoming more challenging and continues to require marketers to adapt and be flexible to change their marketing strategies with every new release.

Ultimately, if ad tools don’t change to offer more safety, helpful products and sustainability then eCommerce won’t either. We are ready to take on any new challenge to help better the ad space.

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