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Since our seamless transition to working from home, we thought it would be a good idea to share our workspaces to those who need some inspiration.

We have asked all of our team members to tell us about their most useful ⭐️ and favourite items 💚. Followed by any useful tips to share💡!

Nana – Director

⭐️ iPad Pro would have to be up there when i want to take a break from the desk. Can take it to the living room and pick up where I left. It’s also replaced my notebooks for the most part. Love it.

💚 Definitely the standing desk.

💡 Get a good keyboard thats enjoyable to type on and a mouse thats comfortable. I have the Keychron 2 and an MX master 3.

John – Developer

⭐️ Powerful machine

💚 Mouse (trackpads slow me down)

💡 Make sure to have reliable WiFI!

Laura – User Interface and Graphic Designer

⭐️ Currently, it’s the stack of books that I’m using as my temporary laptop stand. They’re really saving my posture right now.

💚 My favourite thing is probably my headphones. When I’m struggling to focus on a task it always helps if I listen to music and cancel out other noise distractions.

💡 Regular cups of tea always help. 

Jamie – Developer

⭐️ Not really one specific piece of equipment, but the ability to connect a second monitor to my laptop has made my setup more efficient.

💚 Same as above, being able to have 2 desktops at work makes life so much easier.

💡 A good chair and regular walks are 2 essentials.

Matthew – Developer

⭐️ My second monitor – so so useful!

💚 Headphones / the second monitor.

💡 Have a good/dedicated space to work, clear desk = clear mind, good reliable internet and software.

Gabby – Marketing Executive

⭐️ A digital notebook. I need to write down or scribble something while I am thinking so this is so perfect not to waste paper and clutter my desk.

💚 Two-storey standing desk converter. When lowered it still has an elevated section which is perfect to keep screens at appropriate eye level.

💡 Do everything you can to make sure you can have proper posture. After the lockdown years of working form home my back started hurting. Once I invested into a standing desk converter and tried out a ‘kneeling chair’ all back problems disappeared.

Derek – Developer

⭐️ Having additional monitors. It lets me work more efficiently as I have more screen space to see everything I need to.

💚 Headphones. Nobody wants to work in silence.

💡 Creating a good working environment where there are no real distractions and you can focus on what you need to do. 

Matt – Director

⭐️ This is a two in one for me. My webcam and headphones are an absolute must. Without these I think I would have a much harder time working from home. It is important to me that I can clearly communicate with people while taking part in video calls so being able to hear, be heard and be seen clearly is so important to recreating ‘face to face’ meetings in the WFH world.

💚 I bought a standing desk from a company called ‘Fully’. It is one of the best things I have in my office. The desk is great in general, a good size, looks awesome but having the ability to stand has been a game changer for me. I had not noticed how much changing position through the day would make on my day. Absolutely recommend.

💡 The best way to achieve a good WFH environment to be able to work effectively is creating the environment you want to spend time in. Companies spend time and money creating office environments that are nice to be in (mostly). When you are working from home it is easy to treat your work space as temporary and not invest in the equipment that makes you comfortable. For me it was a chair. I knew we would be working from home for a while so I bought a chair that was comfortable and made it easier for me to spend long periods of time working at my desk. These investments, along with how you setup and lay out your space are key to being effective at home. 

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