Real Talk, Craig on Fashion, Dropping Out and LCD Soundsystem

Real Talk, Craig on Fashion, Dropping Out and LCD Soundsystem

Glasgow Caledonian University fashion student talks.

Eight years ago I dropped out of university. A letter arrived on my sisters graduation day to tell me I’d failed my second year. My most spectacular result was earning 13% on one of my exams. Not going back was the only decision for me so I moved to Glasgow to avoid moving home with my parents.

Eight years on and I’m telling this story to the young people of Glasgow. Most recently I’ve been speaking to Fashion and Marketing students at Glasgow Caledonian University. I was asked to share the lessons I’m learning on my way from college dropout to successful business owner.

I focused on the main turning points in my time in Glasgow. Choosing a college course that felt right, my first logo design – Scotland Highlanders, our international dodgeball team – working in an agency and starting up in business. I talked them through the development of ClydeBuilt, my ethical clothing line and how the decisions I made outside ClydeBuilt ultimately affected how I ran that part of my life.

The key messages I wanted to get across were,

1. If you want it, you can do it
2. Go after what you want
3. It isn’t always easy
4. Work how you work
5. Go easy on yourself
6. People are your best resource
7. Ask for help
8. Success builds over time

These are the main lessons I’ve learned in my eight years in Glasgow. I don’t always stick to them myself but sharing what I’ve learned and giving people the benefit of my experience will, hopefully, help someone else make what they want from life, a reality.

Thanks to Nicola O’Hare and the GCU Fashion Department for giving me the opportunity to share my experience.