Lead Javascript Developer - Spectre Creative

Lead Javascript Developer

Working at Spectre

Our mission is to set the industry standard for designing, developing and enhancing D2C and B2B ecommerce experiences.

The industry is still young and growing, so there are currently no standards on how to build a successful online store. We are open to experimentation, new ideas, and creative freedom to find innovative ways to build high-quality ecommerce experiences. 

All developers are encouraged to explore new tools and frameworks, try out new ideas, and if they work, share their findings with the rest of the team. 

We all work together to set the industry standard for D2C and B2B e-commerce growth, maybe you have the skills, energy and ambition to join us.


We use the most exciting, future-proof tools and technologies in e-commerce. First, we love Shopify and BigCommerce. They are the largest e-commerce platforms in the world and we are excited to work and grow with them. 

We use React, Next.JS, GraphQl, Vercel, Tailwind, and anything else that improves our tech stack. We don’t get bogged down in the same boring tech for months and years, we want to stay up to date and ahead of the curve!

The team

You will be part of a young, diverse, and dynamic team of professionals who are passionate about their work and eager to learn more. 

Remote work is now the norm, and we hope it stays that way. We encourage everyone on the team to come together regularly for innovation meetings, dinners, drinks and parties, as we believe that developing a strong team spirit among all colleagues improves the experience of work. 

We value collaboration and always encourage our teams to work together on projects. You’ll work closely with other developers and designers, learning from them as they learn from you, while we all contribute to helping our clients grow their businesses.

Job description

As a Senior eCommerce Developer at Spectre, you have the opportunity and responsibility to define the development vision as well as the development team. 

You will lead multiple projects simultaneously and ensure the successful implementation of the entire project. You will inspire the best of all your team members and take responsibility for your team’s performance. 

The ideal candidate is someone who takes pride in their work and looks forward to leading technical teams and enjoys working with others. You are interested in the current e-commerce environment, have an innovative and creative mindset, are able to deliver an exceptional e-commerce experience, and have the confidence to make sound recommendations for development work. 

Most importantly, you have a passion for programming, a strong work ethic and a particular attention to detail and precision.


  • 28 annual holiday days
  • Flexible working hours
  • Macbook

Job requirements 

  • Extensive Javascript knowledge (ES6), Liquid, Node, Webpack, Git and GraphQL.
  • At least 4 years + experience with Shopify or BigCommerce
  • Proven Shopify or BigCommerce theme development skills
  • Proven Shopify or BigCommerce App development skills 
  • An extremely high level of dedication
  • Pixel perfect development
  • Up to date with Shopify or BigCommerce development
  • Estimate and deliver work on time and within budget
  • Up to date with industry development  trends and tools
  • Superb communication, organisation and time management skills
  • An eagerness to improve your own development knowledge and ability

Additional useful experience

  • Experience with Headless e-commerce
  • Experience with other e-commerce tools and apps
  • Have worked within a variety of agile development teams and processes

Closing Date


How to Apply

Please send your CV to careers@spctr.co.uk

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