Scotlands Enterprising Schools

Scotlands Enterprising Schools

Empowering the teachers of today to empower the children of tomorrow.


Branding, Logo Design, Advertising, Social Media, Video Development


Scotland’s Enterprising Schools is part of an initiative put forward by the Scottish Government to enhance the learning experience of Scotland’s youth around Business and Entrepreneurship. The project was being carried out by 12 partners alongside the Scottish Government and Education Scotland. They approached us to design the projects branding. They needed something fresh that would stand out in schools and attract teachers to join the new network and invest their time sharing resources. We worked with the 12 partners to understand what this project meant for Scotland and its schools. We also visited multiple schools and met with teachers, management and students to understand what this would mean for them and what they hope for the project.
We worked closely with all involved parties and researched, conceptualized and finalised what is today, the look and feel of Scotland’s Enterprising Schools.
The project created a huge buzz within the school system and was endorsed by Nicola Sturgeon and funded for future years to continue growing the project.


“Spectre worked with us and our various project partners to develop the striking branding for Scotland’s Enterprising Schools. They were very flexible with their designs and willing to communicate at every stage of the process to suit the needs of each party involved.

Spectre were then able to use this branding to develop our marketing materials, providing us with great designs for both our flyers and banner stand as well as our website and social media platforms. This has been instrumental in cultivating a strong brand identity for Scotland’s Enterprising Schools.”

– Heather Hughes – Partner – SES

Why this project?

Making the future better than what we know today is one of the most important aspects of being human. Education and the sharing of knowledge is a cornerstone of how we ensure that we don’t make the mistakes of the past and work collectively towards the betterment of mankind. Scotland’s Enterprising Schools is the type of key projects that creates the environment for people to learn, grown and become better people. We were proud to be a part of this shared, human initiative.