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One of the questions we get asked when talking with B2B clients is ‘which Saas platform is best for B2B?’. It’s BigCommerce.

While Shopify Plus has some serious B2B features that we love, BigCommerce is taking things a step further by creating industry-leading B2B features that provide a great experience for customers and store owners.

What is BigCommerce B2B edition?

B2B Edition is a packaged offering of BigCommerce Enterprise and BundleB2B that includes one streamlined contract, onboarding and support tailored to your business, 6 B2B-optimized themes pre-installed along with the Bundle B2B app so that businesses are ready to start selling right away on the BigCommerce platform.

This allows for a number of benefits for B2B businesses:

  • With a more modern infrastructure, businesses can define custom account hierarchies and price lists to show each customer exactly what they need to see — all on a responsive, mobile-friendly site.
  • Attract new buyers and make life easier for your loyal customers. Advanced payment options, shared shopping lists and buy-again capabilities allow customers to buy from you, their way.
  • Speed up deals with the ability for sales reps to create custom quotes and discounts, as well as log in, shop, and purchase on behalf of customers.

Standout B2B features of BigCommerce

  • Manage the corporate account and set up multiple tiers of buyers who have specific roles and permissions.
  • Login on behalf of a company, access shopping lists, add products to cart and complete placement of the order.
  • Allow customers to easily manage and pay invoices online with a credit card, ACH, purchase order or other payment methods.
  • Merchants can create a quote or modify a buyer’s request for a quote.
  • Manage and save multiple shopping lists, retrieve these for future use, and seamlessly purchase previously saved products.
  • Company users can view all company-level previously purchased products with the company-specific base price.
  • Add, edit, show or hide approved payment options for customers including purchase orders and credit cards.
  • Guest and B2C users can apply for a corporate account to gain access to corresponding B2B account capabilities.

Starting a B2B project?

If you are thinking about starting a B2B project get in touch with us to discuss how BigCommerce B2B edition could work for you and your business.

Read more about BigCommerce B2B edition here.

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