We are a User Experience and Interface design studio built upon understanding how people and digital connect. We put the user first when designing experiences and interfaces for modern web and devices.


The people you travel with define your journey

Come and visit us for a coffee?

We are based in the heart of Glasgows Merchant City in South Block. South Block is a former textiles warehouse that was designed and renovated by award-winning architects, NORD. We are based in Studio 101 which is where all our creative work takes place.


The faces behind the name

Its nice to meet you

Matthew Collins


Nana Hughes Lartey


John Sneddon


Joanne Ross

Design and Marketing

Core Beliefs

Driving Passion.

Our business morals


A transparent relationship in our experience is the best type of relationship. We like to ensure simplicity for everyone we work by creating an environment of openness and honesty. It's just simpler that way.

Raising the Bar

We don’t settle for ‘okay’. We will always work our hardest to achieve the best results for our clients and the people we create for. Never settling and always raising the bar.

Environmentally aware

We have a paperless environment, use ethically sourced materials and partner with responsible companies. We are not saying its enough but we’re trying to do our part.


Taking responsibility for our actions and reactions is not always easy but we know it is right. Ownership of our actions defines our character and taking responsibility for the good and bad is important.

Understanding & Experience

Innovation and staying ahead of the curve is essential, but the ability to reflect and learn from previous experiences is essential.