Do You Need a New Website?

Getting a new website is a big investment that can make a huge impact on achieving your business goals. However, knowing when the right time to make that investment can be a tricky question.

When we get asked if someone should get a new site we ask them a couple of questions to find out where they are at the moment with their online presence to see if it is something that would benefit them. 

We have been asking these questions for years and thought it would be a good time to share our top questions to uncover if it’s time for a new website.

Does my website represent my business?

A website that doesn’t currently represent your business is a good indication that you should get a new one. Your website should be an online representation of your company that is available to your customers 24/7. If there is a clear disconnection between your business and what you look like and say online then your customers will notice this and think twice about using your website.

Do I get enquiries & sales from my website?

Depending on the purpose of your site, this question may be easier to answer for some more than others. Does your website bring in business? At its core is the questions. If you are generating enquiries and sales are they the amount or quality that you would expect?

Your website should pay for itself in enquiries and sales. If it is not doing so then it is probably a good idea to look at a new and improved website.

What can my customers do on my website?

This is a slightly harder question to answer if you don’t first ask ‘What do I want my customers to do on my website’. Your website should serve your business and your customers in a meaningful way. Do you know what you want your customers to do on your website? For example, do you want your customers to enquire? If this is the case then you should ask, ‘Can they enquire?’ ‘Where can they enquire?’ ‘Is it easy for them to enquire’ ‘What happens when they do enquire?’.

If your website is not serving the answers to these questions then it’s time for a new website.

Does my website play an important part in my online strategy?

If your answer to this is no then it is probably time to get a new website. The reason for this logic is that your website should be at the centre of your digital strategy. If your website isn’t currently at the centre of your digital strategy then it is an indication that your website is not holding much value for your business as you would ideally like it to.

Does my website work well?

An obvious question that can sometimes go ignored. Does your website work? If your website’s user interface is poor and the user experience is cumbersome then your clients will not have a good time on it. Worse than this does the site actually function? Does it have broken links, missing images, janky navigation? These are good signs that your site is in disrepair and needs an upgrade.

Do I ever point people in the direction of my website?

Your website should act as a business tool that you signpost your clients to. From finding out more information about your service to viewing and buying products or simply a FAQ your website should aid your sales process in some way. 

If you never say to someone, ‘Yeah, that is on my website’ then it is worth considering that your website is not a tool that is bringing any value to your business.

Is my website connected to my business?

Does your website funnel information into your business or assist your business in more ways than just as a sales and marketing tool? Your website could be linked to your business applications in an impactful way that aids your workflow and grows your service offering. Developing your website to integrate with business applications could radically improve how your business and customers interact.

Does my website rank well for my service?

Your website should, at the very minimum, rank well on search engines for your service. 

Now this one is a little less clear cut than previous points as search engine ranking does not rest solely on the website. Content, SEO and other marketing elements contribute to the ranking of your website. However, if you are doing some of these and still seeing no return then it is worth looking into how a website upgrade could impact your search positioning.

The decision to invest in a new website can be made by asking these simple questions. Once you have made that decision there are other questions you can ask to determine how a website can really benefit your organisation and become an integral tool. A website can integrate as a business application that feeds your organisations growth and helps new and existing customers purchase from you. 

If these questions helped you then please let us know and we would be happy to assist you in the next stage of your website’s journey.

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