Harkness Premier Jewellers

Job Tracking Application

About the project

Harkness Premier Jewellers approached Spectre Creative to design and develop an application that could replace their outdated paper-based filing ledger. The old method made the recalling of clients items slow and difficult to manage. Response times were longer than necessary which had a negative impact on responses to enquiries. We designed and developed an integrated web application which records repair requests, wherein the workshop the item is, tracks which jeweller repairs each item, gives real-time updates, uploads images of jewellery, checks when items are due to be sent back to retailers, create invoices, and generates invoices.

Project Specification

We developed Harkness Premier Jewellers a custom web application that replaced a paper ledger that held customer records. The application tracks jobs with the ability to upload images for reference. The software includes invoicing and pdf generation so that the complete item can be sent back with a custom design that fits with Harkness’s brand. The application allows customers to check the status of their items without having to call the head office. The web application creates a clear overview of all operations within the workshop giving management the data and foresight to increase resources and analyse team performance. The web application connects the admin staff, jewellers, and management in a way that provides clarity and accountability. Insights which were impossible to obtain previously. The system is fully mobile responsive and can be used on any device, anywhere and anytime.

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Instantly respond to customer enquiries

Generate invoices

Easier customer experience

Increase customer response time

Data integrity

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